August 2, 1997 – Dharmic people are very strong


            Speaking to some inner staff people about the positive changes in major religious and political figures who have come to him recently, Maharaj says,

            Dharma’s role is to clean our karma when hardships come. Change can come when you read Jaap Sahib and think of Maharaj. The benefit is for us, because the whole Creation is already praising Him. The waves are doing kirtan. If you read paath and He gives His Naazar (Merciful Glance), everything changes. Therefore do 7 Jaap Sahibs daily.

            It is a rule in dharma that if someone stands by you during difficult times, you should not abandon them in good times. The prophets know who has done what for them at what time, and they take their people to the top. Sheikh Farid and Bhagat Kabir were poor, but God made them counsellors of kings. Only You can do this.

Dharmic people are very strong. The religious authorities ganged up on one side and Jesus stood alone on the other side. He was strong even during crucifixion. Moses stood up against the king to free the slaves, and God made him a prophet. God did miracles through him with a stick. People have no idea of God’s power.