July 27, 1997 – Merge with The Power that runs the cosmos


            Mr. Chand Bhardwaj comes to Maharaj ji to describe his unusual work. After the sister of Leonid Brezhnev (Secretary of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union from 1964 until his death in 1982) was spiritually healed, Mr. Bhardwaj and his colleagues began doing research on such phenomena. They had instruments for recording emanations from the body—the radiant form of the human body, which becomes the “blueprint” of the physical body. For instance, when someone sits in meditation, his aura becomes larger above and smaller below. He asks Maharaj to tell about that Power which forms an electrical field that is separate from the body, and which runs the cosmos. “We want to speak with that Power,” he says.

            Maharaj says,

            The ones who have seen that Power are illiterate. There is no method of meeting Him—You can meet Him only through love. Guru Nanak saw with vision that there are crores of cosmoses, with millions of suns and planets. Love is so powerful, To be able to meditate is also a manifestation of God’s mercy. Guru Gobind Singh said that from a state of duality–in which the soul and body are separate– after doing strong meditation, he became one with God.

            In our country, we know gyan (enlightened wisdom) as the greatest power. We are encouraged not to linger in its rays, but to merge into that Ocean. When gyan comes, it doesn’t matter what you eat or how you sit. There is no greater power. It continues automatically, with no need to go on any pilgrimage.

            From childhood I have never gone to any holy places. He appeared before me and said, “Look at Me.” The whole work was done. Then you look at a tree or the earth and it will speak to you. Guru Granth Sahib says,“You are the beloved Master of the whole cosmos.” He showed me the cosmos—not only one, but millions of them. “I see so many lands; how am I to come back?”

            What is written in all scriptures should lead us to those planets where people are so beautiful and peaceful. You will find places where elements are being created. There is so much gold there, such a great shop! Without spending any money, the dervish just sits and sees the whole cosmos.

            God never told me any particular place for concentration. [Instead, as Maharaj ji walked around the farm in Shiv Sadan, he was guided by the plant themselves.] I was told that there was a deficiency of zinc in the soil, but more urea should not be given because there was already plenty. Later the soil testing laboratories confirmed this. Childless couples come asking for children, and they are thus blessed.

            If you are a devotee of the Guru, you will see Him behind everything. If you ask me about Guru Gobind Singh, I will say that he has no dress: He is that which created and runs the cosmos. His blessings and enlightened wisdom are so powerful. Love Him—He is the Gracious Giver of everything. Victory is in His hands. When faith develops, a person rises so much.

            The Third Guru said, “I am short and homely, but the Guru has loved me. He came and asked, ‘How are you?’ and I got gyan.”

The Gurus all said that God-realization is not a matter of doing asanas. It is good to meet people, but you won’t meet Him by reading books.

An officer and his family have come in. Maharaj comments,

In the military, you can see what faith is. There was a war going on in India. Brigadier Randhawa was told by God to step aside, which he did. A minute later a bomb landed where he had been.

Difficulties are a thermometer to show you how strong your mind is. Life is suffering. So many problems arise. But if a person reads Jaap Sahib and recites Nam, his roots are very deep.

The prophets gave such an example of love and truth. They maintained their goal so that we could gain willpower. People are such that they can’t tolerate either your goodness or your evil. But there is no need to worry. It’s a long trip, not a short one. Keep the reins of the horse in your hands. There is no external happiness; happiness is internal. Read Jaap Sahib, worship, and pray: “You are the Master of Creation, Master of the mind. Please give Your blessings.”