July 27, 1997 – Nothing new in dharma


            Maharaj ji is musing about someone who is trying to start a large new international religion. He says to us,

Dharmic people—the true ones—have never gathered many people. But their words affected the very trees, and people are still ready to respect them. We should practice the old things. There is no need to create anything new. Rather, we need to remember the old things. Dharma is already existing.

In one language God is called “Father”; in another God is called “Ik Pitta.” Some have called God “King of the spirit.” Guru Gobind Singh relates that his Father said to him, “Go, my son.” The point is for us to practice the message that God’s messengers have brought. They told us that God is Truth, Love, service. These things must be repeated, but there is nothing new.

Whatever is already written in scriptures is what we tell. Gurbani says to see new love each day in your spouse. One should practice this. Only those who love can understand these  words.

Dharma is never in the majority. The dervish is of great quality, not measured by quantity of followers. Only dharma can reply to science. What is written in scriptures will never end. Scientists speak of a few planets and spend so much money to study them, but the dervish sees the cosmos as endless. On Mars there were once oceans and floods, but now there is nothing. This is how it is in the cosmos. Things exist and then are no more. What is oil? Ancient trees, animals, cities—all mixed and joined, making petrol. Everything originates from water, The moon is a piece from our earth; it reflects the sun but has no light. The dervish can sit and turn on his inner switch to look at whatever he wants to see and take its photo.

As he says this, Maharaj waves his hand as if using the remote control for a TV.

It’s so beautiful there, so peaceful and loving. If our people went there, they would be jealous and cause trouble. Those beings don’t even know what fighting is. That is why God has hidden them. He has hidden so much.

Then two men come in to give Maharaj ji a big basket of fruit. The wife of one of them had been pregnant, Ultrasound showed that it was a girl. They came to Maharaj, asking for a boy instead, and he told them to do seva here for 8 days. They did—and today the wife gave birth to a boy! Maharaj says “To Him it makes no difference whether one is a male or female.” The power and vast vision of the dervish is far beyond our worldly attempts to create religions and differences among us.