June 9, 1997 – God’s University

            Yesterday a newspaper article was read to Maharaj about Prime Minister Atal Bihari Vajpayee’s relationship with Muslims. Today Bhai Mohan Singh has come, and Maharaj brings up this topic, because the Prime Minister has taken blessings and spiritual guidance from Maharaj ji:

            If people do not encounter justice, they are worried. If the saint so wishes, crores of people will be cleaned by Namaz. People bow just for show, but since Vajpayee first came, he has changed so much with respect to Muslims. For him and for the country there will be so much benefit. Improvement will surely occur when a person comes to the House of God. Only God                                   knows how much he will be washed.

            Dharma teaches us not to fear anyone or to make anyone afraid. If a person comes to a house of God and still has fear, doubt that he is doing spiritual practice. Don’t doubt God. Why are people atheists? One doesn’t go to any holy place; another goes but keeps sinning.

            Dharma will never end. It is the center pin of the cosmos. But people’s thoughts are very distorted. Only a fortunate few understand the Guru. Their character is visibly dharmic for all to see—they have great willingness to serve.

            For the University of God, so many wise, dharmic, and enlightened people are needed. Their character should be strong; their faith gives peace to those who wobble. The University of Truth is great, but many teachers are not. They aren’t thinking. They are all continuing in their sins. If you are working in that University, don’t attack its founders. Those who call themselves religious authorities make people atheists or faithful believers. When Karl Marx saw the pope’s actions, he said, “Where have love and service gone? This is all money-oriented. If this is God, forget it all.” Then 70 years of suffering followed.

            People can never be against the prophets; they are opposed to management. The prophets are so kind that they turn sour trees sweet. But management is bad, criticizing, operating according to their own ways. We should instead live according to the programme set forth by the prophets for That University.

            Now so many universities have a great name because they have set a high standard. Holy places should do the same, because dharma is unequalled. People are innocent. They will follow guidelines. But what guideline are the granthis giving? They carry all these people along with them.

            If you read Guru Granth Sahib instead, you will find an ocean of enlightened wisdom. There is no destruction in Guru Granth Sahib. It is steadily shining. But what a storm there has been in the world  for hundreds of years. Maharaj, mehar karo (Please be merciful)! He knows what is going on. People are not bad, but the preachers are not speaking for the Gurus. When dharma is in the hands of preachers, it never spreads. It shrinks. Maharaj, forgive us these mistakes.

            Dharma is eternal. Explain lovingly to people, but never add your own ideas, only that of the Gurus. If you mix in your own ideas, the result will never be good. The Guru is Light, through which God’s Word passes.  There are lakhs of methods leading to “I think,” but dharma is solid truth.

            There is no weakness in the Guru’s Word and blessings. But people flee on seeing the priests’ actions. If Marx had seen Jesus, he would never have written thus. He said, “See God in all Creation.” Guru Gobind Singh’s love was expressed in his verse, “Only those who have deeply loved God have ever realized God.” His actions and his word were so clear. But people are fighting.

            If the Fearless One is within you, why do you fear? You salute Him no matter whether you live or die. There is no one greater than that Creator. One must understand with love, but people read scripture daily without understanding it.