June 5, 1997 – Narasimha Rao and Tathastu


                Dr. and Mrs. Rai Singh have come to see Maharaj ji along with former Prime Minister Narasimha Rao, but he is late in arriving because he is seeing off the American Ambassador to India, who is now leaving his post. While they are waiting, Maharaj speaks to Dr. and Mrs. Rai Singh about the difference between tantric and mantric spiritual paths:

                People all come here, but not for tantra. They know that here there is the power of mantra, of paath. What is the difference between tantra and paath? The latter elevates one’s karma. The former is only for “harm him and benefit me.” It is based in bad thought. Paath is the greatest Power. Whoever has come here has recognized this. If you get up early in the morning and read scripture, everything you earn will come back to you by night.

                Those who have gone to tantrics get attacked in return. Nam and paath are the natural path, always joining you with dharma. If you do paath and bow to Guru Granth Sahib on one side, but on the other side go to tantrics, Maharaj can’t tolerate it.

                Always keep your mind as clean as glass. If any filth comes, try immediately to clean it.

                Today Rao will meet Tathastu (“It will be done!”–the blessing given by a great God-realized person).

                Narasimha Rao has arrived, but according to Maharaj’s instructions, he has first gone to bow at the havan and Darbar Sahib. Once he comes for audience, Maharaj ji says to him,

                People think there is no Tathastu. Nothing happens without “Tathastu!.” Mantra and paath are the natural path. With those, your glory will increase. I can say that in our country, people are very capable and intelligent, but why are they nervous? Because they have left the shelter of Tathastu. Why meditate? Nothing can destroy what comes of that. You have had the special blessings of Tathastu.

                If you will smile and laugh, disease will leave. You wonder, “Now what will happen?” What will happen will be good. Stop worrying about tomorrow. Thank the One who will create it. If God chooses, He can make a lowly person a king, and vice versa. A dharmic person has no worry.

                In our old history, Gandhi went from village to village. Your weakness is that villagers and farmers don’t know anything about you. Farmers now have roti in every house. This happened during your reign, but villagers didn’t know it was thanks to you. Now there are bathrooms and windows in all villages. Now we can be proud that our country is becoming rich, but people around you did not make a point of telling this.

                During Narasimha Rao’s time as Prime Minister, he initiated liberal reforms that have had a great impact on the Indian economy. He is so intelligent that he reportedly speaks 17 languages. Maharaj says,

                Now our country has more gold than any other. Whatever God does, He does through people. Through you, God did so much for the country’s progress, but people associate your reign only with corruption. Now we can buy Indian-made cars that are equal to Mercedes. In the future, let people know how they are being benefited, how much our country has been opened under your rule. If people don’t know, crime and corruption will develop.

                With your worries, your pancreas has become weak. Instead, start laughing—and then have your blood tests. Worry is so bad for your health.

                The great thing is that you have faith in God, you worship, and you are for the public. If you suffer a setback, God won’t be happy. Because His heart is so soft, God can’t tolerate that good people are under pressure.

                Now ask any farmer. Now they are all able to give cars to their daughters for their marriages, whereas before your reign, they didn’t even have bicycles. If this word gets out, people’s minds may still change. “We never knew how much love he had for us.” Your not telling this is the main reason for your problems.

                Throughout the world, parties are run by donations. It is wrong to favor those donors. But those who give want their country and party to be strong. If you bring all these things out, criminal people cannot rise. Make it clear that whatever funds came were for the party, not for you. If your staff people don’t spread your praise, what does loyalty mean?

                Do good work—for the country, for strengthening the people. It is a fashion to say one is helping the poor. To really help the poor, make good laws. If crop rates are just and changing, rather than fixed, farmers will be prosperous. If the percent who are farmers become strong, the rest of the country will be strong.

                Whoever comes, I tell them to tell the truth, and do good karma. A capable person can develop, but not a bad one. With dharma, God always comes.

                Now fully worship God. Dharma says that if you hurt others’ feelings, won’t God be angry? Keeping silent about your accomplishments accomplishes nothing, but speak truth, stand on truth, be above enmity, see others’ virtues and ignore their faults. You can stand up with pride.

                We are the ones who live in our country, who vote here. If its reputation declines, so does ours. How to make our country shine? Through human forms, not through angels. Through people can come peace or corruption.