So many people come to India looking for a guru. Baba Virsa Singh never told anyone to regard him as a guru, but in fact, he was the Real Thing. He was always hiding himself, even though he was so powerful. All of his communities are hard to find. Gobind Sadan has been here since 1968, but most people in Delhi don’t know about it. We’ve often tried to put up signs on the main road, but they always disappear.

How then could anyone ever find Babaji? By His choice alone. He always said, “You can’t find a guru. The guru finds you.” He explained, “The gardener takes care of the flowers, but they don’t go to him. The gardener goes to the flowers.

Many people now regret that they never met Babaji when he was in his physical body. But he hasn’t disappeared. We can’t see him, but he is still very much here, doing everything. Those who come here with love and an open mind find him, if he himself has called them here.