Meditation to save a relationship

An engaged couple came to take blessings to save their relationship, since they were fighting so often with each other in a dynamic of distrust and deceit. Jesus Maharaj was very strict with them, telling them that they should give up their relationship since it would never work unless they changed. Shocked, they asked Him what to do. He gave them these directions:

1. Sit together comfortably facing a picture of Maharaj.
2. Ask Him to help because you love each other and want to clear up problems that have come in the relationship.
3. Close your eyes and feel His Presence.
4. Let everything—all thoughts, feelings– drop away.
5. Be empty.
6. After experiencing emptiness, feel His Love radiating to you, filling you totally. In that True Love, there is no suspicion, no deceit—only Love.
7. Let that Love guide your lives. Whenever there is a problem, go back to That.
8. Bow to Him and take His blessings.