January 3, 1994 – Development by spirituality           

As we ride around Shiv Sadan in Maharaj’s Bronco, he sees a vision of one old variety of wheat which has been sown in a field between the dera and Pir Sahib’s dargah. He sees it as an old woman with a cane and gray hair. He remarks that he would like to take God’s permission to photograph her, to show how the crops speak.


Now Maharaj is walking around the newly planted wheat fields, discussing the properties and potential of each variety by vision, not by reading seed labels. Some, he says, will grow straight up. There are great differences between the varieties of wheat planted here in what he calls “God’s laboratory.” He is also giving precise directions about how much of what nutrient is to be given to each field now.


Hundreds of poor labourers are at working harvesting the sugarcane. Some come up to the Bronco to see Maharaj. “Going okay?” Maharaj asks them in a friendly voice. He gives them great encouragement when they give positive answers. Maharaj recently said, “If you keeping saying ‘Shabash!’ (Well done!) to  someone, he becomes very strong—and the opposite is also true. If you lovingly push a person along, it makes a big difference in his development.”

                One old Muslim labourer puts his head into the car from Balwant Singh’s side and requests Maharaj to bless him. Maharaj leans way, way across to stretch his long arm and large, beautifully clean hand to touch the top of the old man’s dirty turban. He smiles broadly, revealing only two teeth.