November 23, 1993, part II – Jesus never held any meetings


                After dealing with some farm matters, Maharaj returns to his advice to women organizing an international conference to promote world peace. He starts dictating again:

How can we become spiritual? By loving God and taking His blessings. We cannot become united by holding conferences, for ego has become deeply rooted within us. How can we create peace? How can we bring countries together? How will we become united through speeches? Our countries belong to Someone Else. Our spirit belongs to Someone Else. Our body was made by Someone Else. Our goals are created by Someone Else. How then can we correct things?   We should first understand Him. When we understand That, we will understand ourselves. When we will understand ourselves, there will be peace, peace all over the world. At this stage, we have neither understood ourselves, nor have we understood Him.

                It is true that in international conferences, people of different countries, different communities, different religions exchange their ideas. But if you think that peace, compassion, and service will arise by holding these meetings, I suggest it’s best for you forget this idea for a while.

                How can a sick person treat others? Everyone’s mind is sick. Only God can remove the disease of the mind. The very first disease from which we are all suffering is ego—“I am.” If anyone criticizes us, anger arises. If anyone praises us, pleasure arises. This is also sickness. Renounce reaction to both praise and criticism. Remain detached from the world.  

                This disease of the mind can be removed only with meditation. Meditation will teach us service, will teach us compassion, will teach us love. When this disease will be removed, we will all become peaceful.

                Whatever you are speaking about, you have to become that thing yourself. You say “Peace,” but has peace come in you? You quarrel in your house—you quarrel with your children, you quarrel with your husband. Where is peace? Peace means quietness, quietness, quietness. If anybody says anything, keep quiet, quiet, quiet. Go inside and understand yourself. When you will understand, there will be no need for you to speak.

                Consider how much money is being spent on such meetings—thousands of millions are being spent. How costly are the tickets, how costly are the conference arrangements for so many people. What will they get? They will become disappointed.. . .

                What are the qualities of a leader? Compassion, love, humility, renunciation. His virtues are such that people gather around him to see his qualities, to see his truth. There is no need for him to speak much, nor to hold great meetings. Jesus never held any meetings. His meetings were with whomever he met along the way. He used to just look at them, and they were blessed by his mere look. He looked, blessed, and moved on. There is no mention in history that he held any meeting. The ways along which he walked, the villages through which he passed—he kept blessing all. When these leadership qualities arise in a person, he says only, “I am a servant.”