November 23, 1993 – Can you control your anger?


Maharaj stands for a long time at Pir Sahib’s place, on a breezy, clear winter morning, dictating to Major Sahib a statement to be given to a conference sponsored by an international federation of women for world peace. At one point, Maharaj advises them:

                If you want to be successful in this endeavour, you should all meditate in the morning, men as well as women. And when you become angry at others, you should turn inside yourself. Think: “This weakness over which I am becoming angry is inside me also. First I should remove my own weakness.” It is just possible that when you turn inside, the anger may subside.

                Go inside yourself! Only then will you be successful. By holding many large assemblies and speaking before millions of people, these things cannot be corrected. Till now there have been many big seminars, many big conferences, many big dinners, many big lunches, but there are rebellions, crime has increased, and conflicts have increased among countries and within societies. Why did they increase? Because in those gatherings there is mere talk only, nothing practical. There is a difference between saying and practically doing.

                Individuals think, “I also want to become a leader.” If they find fault in any person, other leaders do not tolerate it. They say, “Who are you? I am your leader.” But no one is anyone’s leader. As Guru Gobind Singh and Guru Nanak taught, there is one human race, and all are equal. Recognize that there is one Father and we are all His children. We are all sisters and brothers.

                Lord Krishna said, “Burn your karmas with the fire of meditation. Then only will enlightenment give light from inside. Guru Gobind Singh said the same thing: “Khalsa should burn up his bad karmas.” Thus we should all burn our own bad karmas and thoughts first. Only then will meetings be successful.

                Sit and look within yourselves. Ask yourself how much ego you have, how much you consider yourself an authority for everything, how much you consider yourself higher than others. Leave all these things. The Fifth Guru says, “Accept death first, leave all hope of life. Become the dust of everyone’s feet. Then come to me. My path is open.”