January 6, 1995 – Visiting Father Gregorios

Father Gregorios and Maharaj ji

Last night Maharaj said that he wanted to pay Father Gregorios a visit of love today, so it was arranged. Maharaj said he had a very strong inner feeling to do so for the past few days. This is highly unusual, for Maharaj has not left Gobind Sadan since August, not even to attend the special programme Father Gregorios had arranged on December 30 to introduce him to Orthodox leaders.

When we reach the Delhi Orthodox Centre, Father Gregorios welcomes Maharaj Ji into his book-lined study with great love. He says, “I feel very honoured. I was upset that you didn’t come since I wanted people in the Christian Church to see that God exists outside the Church.”

Maharaj says simply, “The time will come.”

            Father Gregorios concurs, “Everything is in His hands.”

Maharaj continues, “The strongest thing is love. It shapes the world.”

            Father Gregorios agrees, “Love is God, and where there is love, God is present.”

Maharaj says, “I want to tell you one thing with love: I do not know why I am not coming out and meeting people. Only God knows.”

            Father Gregorios says, “You must do as God tells you.”

Maharaj says, “Consider Gobind Sadan your home, the home of Jesus. You are most welcome to hold any meetings, any functions at Gobind Sadan. We want to construct something at that place where Jesus appeared.  Where can we have a statue made?”

            Father Gregorios immediately offers to help: “Not in north India. We could buy them in Kerala. I will write to Kerala now and ask them to find somebody. I would like to help in that.”

Maharaj says, “If we tell people and have programmes, a lot of people will gather there. I remember what Christ told me at that time [when he saw Jesus in vision, standing behind the dairy]. Jesus was so clear at that time, right in front of my eyes. When He first spoke, the sound seemed to echo throughout the whole universe. His first word was ‘Blessssss’—a very long sound. Then he said that a lot of miracles will happen there.”

            Father Gregorios enthusiastically says, “The world should know about it, and I will do everything possible to make it known.”

Maharaj continues, “From childhood, I have believed in following the hukam. I have had that love and that fear. But I couldn’t sleep for two days after refusing you. We get annoyed only with those whom we love a lot.”

            Father Gregorios apologizes, “I spoke in annoyment with Mary that day, but inside there was love for Maharaj.”

Maharaj lovingly assures him, “I have never felt that you are separate from me.”

            Father Gregorios says, “I feel the same way. You can ask me to do anything and I will do it.”

Maharaj says, “People’s quarrels will never end until they recognize that Jesus was not just for Christians.”

            Father Gregorios agrees, “That is what I tell my people.”

Maharaj tells him, “Once I had a vision of distributing Prasad. I gave Prasad to two people but not to the third. Immediately Jesus said, ‘This man doesn’t like you, but give him Prasad first.’ From that time, I have felt that you should first love the person who opposes you. It’s good that I’m not well-educated. Whatever He tells me, I tell you people.”

            Father Gregorios says, “If a person is too learned, he cannot believe in God. I have read a lot, but God has given me a certain simplicity.”

Maharaj assures him, “You are full of love. That is a different thing. The issue is to follow.”

            Father Gregorios says, “In my church I respect some old women who are not learned but who are very close to God.”

Maharaj says, “The message of God has spread only through the love of such people. When big meetings were held, love was less. What were the meetings of Jesus? As he walked along, he healed the animals, the trees. You cannot confine Jesus in one sect. His is not this earthly light—it is the Light in all Creation.

            If we see truly, this is not the fault of the public. If Jesus sits in judgement, he will forgive them all. But He will be annoyed with the priests. He will ask them, ‘What have you done with My message?’ Our soul must first meet Jesus inside in order to understand Him.

            Whatever has come from the prophet’s mouth is God’s message. What comes from our mind is not from God. That causes conflicts.

            I have full faith that the whole world will change, when He wants. No tree, no sea is outside of His Order. The day that He passes the Order, everything will change.

            Now He is watching what the priests are doing.”

            Father Gregorios says, “He needs a lot of patience to allow us to go on. We are making so many mistakes.”

Maharaj tells him, “Imagine how much patience the Lord has. It has been so long. Once when Jesus was eating, the priests said, ‘You haven’t washed your hands.’ He said, ‘My hands are clean. You kill the prophets, build buildings in their honour, and live off the offerings. I’m not going to do what you do. My mind and heart are clean.’

            Jesus was never angry, except in the Temple of Jerusalem,when he saw what the priests were doing. We must understand what He said: ‘Thieves are in my Father’s House.’ Jesus said you can never use love. They were trading love.

            God chooses whom He will, but people see only the priests, and they are supposed to see God through them.

            We must speak strongly on some big platforms. If priests retreat, the conflicts will end and the people can really worship God. There is no high or low, rich or poor. Everything is standing on love. He forgives people’s sins. Why could priests say they forgive sins? They never tolerated them.

            Just see through Jesus how forgiving God is. If His son is so forgiving, imagine His Father.

            That is why I love you so much—because you are away from what the others are doing. I don’t like all the seminars, the talks from books. Jesus is in our hearts. Why can’t we speak from our heart? Otherwise, He is not speaking—we are speaking. When He speaks, the whole world will change.

            He will soon speak. There is so much power in His voice that the whole world will unite—except those who are giving wrong messages. We must question people why they are saying what Jesus never spoke.

            The time is coming. People are very miserable. God will not tolerate it. The priests have spread so much unhappiness, and now the politicians are also doing so. Seeing this situation, He must come with His Love. Jesus said, ‘There is so much peace in His Kingdom.’

            I think you also feel the same. I am waiting for that day.

            Father Gregorios says, “He will come in His own time. We can’t push Him.”

Maharaj concurs, “No doubt. But waiting may be very difficult.”

            Father Gregorios says, “I leave everything in His hands. I cannot save the world.”

Maharaj staunchly affirms, “He will definitely save it. I have full faith that He is the Saviour. There is no one else who can save the world. He is watching and listening to us—and laughing.”

            It being time for Father Gregorios to attend some meetings, he says, “I am blessed by Maharaj’s coming for the third time to my humble home. I am blessed. Whenever you feel like coming, we will welcome you with open arms.”

Maharaj tells him, “I don’t go anywhere. Your love is so powerful that it brought me here.”