January 7, 1995 – Light has no barriers

Light has no barriers

Tonight Maharaj sat in his garden on the hill and gave a lovely talk about turning on the switch to light and happiness by transcending all barriers. “There is One Light from which all the prophets have come,” he said. “If we really understood this and embraced them all, we would be so happy.”

Afterward a lot of us walked through the garden in the dark with lighted candles to illuminate Jesus’ Place and also Krishna’s temple. The latter looked so very beautiful, glowing from within, with a strange radiance spreading beyond like a white fog against the dark hillside. The gold on Krishna and Radha’s statues sparkled in the candlelight, and their shadows danced against the wall.

When I came back to tell Maharaj, he commented that no one could tell any more what religion I was. I told him I had a “problem” with conference registration forms that ask you to specify your religion: I never know what to write. “The religion of God,” Maharaj said, quietly drinking his tea.