September 12, 1997 – Jesus comes back


                For months Jesus was kept under a wooden frame for protection as construction of his shelter went on—slowly—around him. I felt awful and kept apologizing to him. At last he said, “Never mind. It is okay. I am just standing in samadhi.”

                So I stopped talking to him, left him alone, and the sangat continued to worship his feet, which we could see sticking out beneath the box. When at last we opened the box several days ago, I discovered that Jesus was still in samadhi, looking up at his Father. He was not connecting with us on the earthly plane at all.

                I told Maharaj and asked his forgiveness. He smiled and said nothing.

                Today the Gurdaspur sangat went up to Jesus’ Place in full force, and by their ardent, heartfelt prayers, brought him back to us. Young Vinki, who has come here for the first time, was blessed with his darshan. She cried as she described how he was dancing, mirroring her movements.