September 11, 1997 – Floods and karma


            An officer from Himachal Pradesh has come to tell Maharaj ji about the great losses happening in that state from flooding. Whole villages have been washed away from heavy rains. He says that 7 lakh apples cannot be delivered to market because there is no way to cross the river. They are trying to airlift them by helicopter, but helicopter rental is expensive. Many things are in short supply now, he says, such as kerosene, diesel, rice, and flour.

            Maharaj says to him, “This is not a manmade thing.”

            The officer says, “The very poorest people live in the worst-hit areas. There have been many deaths.”

            Maharaj answers,

            Who is wealthy? The one who recites Nam. Those who are poor have very poor karma. When these things happen, what can you do? You can help a little, give a little money, but it is not in your power to change their karma and eliminate their setbacks.

            Karma is a circle—good or bad. There are God’s laws and earthly laws. They are often the same: Don’t lie, for instance.

            What can the government do? It cannot control the rain, the earthquakes. In the horoscope, you may find, “In such and such month, don’t go to the mountains, don’t ride in a bus” (for it would fall). The stars are in such positions that they are influencing landslides.

            Puja and paath–worship and scripture reading—lessen the impact of fate. Things are bad, but paath improves the situation. You have an open account. If you hurt or help someone, that goes into your account.

            Life doesn’t end at death. A person may be eating up his account through his current karmas. Those weak people and their houses had weak karma. They were no match for the strength of the water. Rajas’ homes were made to last a long time. Their karma was strong and so were their materials and masons’ methods, whereas the poor and weak don’t have the means. Their homes are weak and shortlived.

            At this point, a boy brings in a big carton of the famous Himachal apples for Maharaj ji. He says,

            There is good Nazar (Merciful Divine Gaze) on your state, so it is very progressive. There is love in your heart. Such a person with love for his state will never be happy seeing it in loss. Your state is very good. It does puja, not crime. Never mind—God always helps good people. Blessings will come to your state.

            Maharaj then describes the “waves” in the atmosphere that create heavy rainfalls. He says they gather a lot of rain and then release it all at once.

A large group of military people who seem to have accompanied the officer come in at the end of his audience. Maharaj says to them,

With seva and Nam, you become strong and successful in all spheres, for Maharaj is very merciful. These are karma shapers.