September 6, 1997 (A) – Concentration in meditation


            Some sevadars have come, and Maharaj gives them a lovely talk about meditation:

            The Ninth Guru asked, “Why are you going to the jungles to find Him? Look inside.” But when you look inside yourself, you will find a jungle there as well. That jungle has blocked the Light and Truth inside you,  and pressure and worry are always sitting there. But when we concentrate on the Guru, we will surely see the Light. When we sit for meditation, our minds wander. That’s how they are; that’s their nature. We discover that, and then slowly take the reins in our hand.

            The mind’s hunger is for the food of Naam.. As we feed it with meditation, it slowly becomes peaceful and begins to like it.

            We don’t achieve a PhD at once. We must start with a primer. The bhagat develops the habit of sitting in devotion. Gradually by following certain disciplines, one becomes like Kabir, like Vyas (the saint who wrote the Vedas). Don’t abandon paath or meditation if you  don’t feel like doing them. A small child creates a commotion and tears the primer at first, but eventually asks its mother to make it a protective cover. 

            All prophets have emphasized meditation. Guru Granth Sahib says, “Kali Yuga is hot; Nam is cooling.” It will protect you from the fire. Start Nam and Jaap Sahib slowly, and you will begin loving the Creation. But at first you won’t like meditating.

            In Guru Gobind Singh’s autobiography, he said that he had done very strict tapasya before he entered this world. Guru Amar Das (Third Sikh Guru) tied his long hair to a nail so that he wouldn’t droop sleepily while meditating. Then, “Tuhi muhi, muhi Tuhi” (You are me, and I am You).

            Definitely meditate, and then your mind will start to like it. Start at once. Then that juice will begin to appeal to you. Whatever we love, our mind rushes in that direction. This is the sweetest taste.

            Without meditation, people are incomplete. All taste, choice, and enjoyment are gone—all of God’s gifts are gone, so what is left in a person? That inner power is scattered. Always concentrate it. You will prosper and find bliss in everything.

            People begin worrying over the slightest thing. Without meditation, a person can’t tolerate anything.  Your mind will shake, but bring it to its home. As it develops that taste, there will be no fear. It will feel unity with all.

Strictly focus your thoughts. First you may concentrate on an image of the Guru outside, and then eventually you may see him inside. This is God’s nature. When we focus on Him, He gives divine illumination inside us.  “He is always blessing. He never dwells on our faults.”

Create the habit of meditating. Then if you don’t meditate, you won’t feel right. If a person is addicted to drugs, he gets so upset if he doesn’t get that. The taste for Him is like that.

Mansur was so intoxicated with God that he said, “An al Haqq!” (I am the Truth!). They cut off his head for uttering such blasphemy, but That head cannot be cut off. He said, “Who can cut off the hands and head of that Power who is with me?”  Martyrs’ heads were being cut off and still they were reciting paath, because that intoxication is so powerful.

Meditation is such a good habit. It is so necessary to meditate. Otherwise people are never happy. The fruit of coming here is that you will meditate. Then you will feel Him inside giving Light. Everything in your outer world will change, and good karma will develop that can never be destroyed. As Guru Granth Sahib says, “Enlightenment comes like a storm.” It is good to work but meditation will give you inner strength.

Go along happily, for God has given us so much. Say, “We cannot do anything for You, but even then You give us breakfast every day.” As Guru Nanak said, you will get tired of receiving, but He does not get tired of giving.

Meditate and take His blessings. That inner gian will become illuminated. It is hidden only by a curtain as thin as a butterfly’s wing.

Worry is the worst thing. You are thinking, “What will happen tomorrow?” It will be okay. Leave that fire and you will be fine, saying, “Whatever You do is good.” This worrying and thinking about what others think of you is a bad habit. Think of Him. If He loves you, the whole Creation will love you.

When you meditate, the weaknesses in you will disappear. Take His blessings and enjoy. “ You are the Doer.” Do good work—that’s it!

God is the greatest Family Person. He takes care of the trees, the animals, and is still happy. You also be happy.   


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