September 6, 1997 (B)– Two beloved women die


            Prince Diana of England died on 31 August and Mother Teresa passed away yesterday, 5 September. Both were extremely loved by huge numbers of people. Maharaj has watched the televised news of how the world has responded to the deaths of these two famous women, and he ponders the meaning of this mourning:

            There has been such an outpouring of love for Princess Diana. You are worshipping love. Give this love within your own family—to your parents. If love is so powerful, why not give it to your own family? Why is there such love for her? But it’s very good—now we see proof that there is love in people.

            After this observation, Maharaj dictates a statement about Mother Teresa:

            She was a great example to help us understand. Doctors told her to rest but even then she kept serving. In her we could see how much energy there is in a person who has the goal of helping the poor. Actually, it is a great miracle. She worked in so many places, and  proved how much work women can do for God’s mission. It is very difficult to do as she did. Her seva was record-breaking. And every bit of money she attracted was used for the poor. She is such an example of love and seva.

            Maharaj keeps marvelling over Mother Teresa’s funeral—how unconsciously people were behaving nicely, and how lovely and calm was the church. He also loved the lilies:

            So many lilies. Jesus had spoken of the lilies in the field. They were singing to God. God understands thoughts, whereas people understand words.

            Look how long after a quiet life some people are written about, whereas others advertise themselves and are soon forgotten. He is the Master of Love, the Truth and the One who understands truth. A spiritual lover of God’s every word becomes the subject of research, for it comes from inner truth.

            We all know that deceit is bad and love is good, but even so people keep doing wrong. We all have to go one day, but do as much as good as you can do in this life. The good person’s shade spreads over everyone. Do good work and live by truth—that will never die.

            Always keep the inner thought that He is very merciful. His supply of peace and such are unparalleled. A person sits in ego, but He is the Owner of everything and still keeps quiet. He sees everything and yet keeps quiet.

            Those who do not love have wasted their life and their lineage. May God bless people with love.

            Maharaj tells stories of the miracles of Hazrat Umar and Hazrat Ali (successors to the Prophet Muhammad), and then remarks,

            Islam spread through spiritual power, not through governments. Those people did so much tapasya, ate very little. The power of the Guru was in them, the power of obedience. They had no self-interest. All these things were done for the people, against injustice. Their effects will last for ages.