August 30, 1997 (B)– Struggle makes a person strong

             Maharaj is musing out loud about the value of some traditional things:

            In the villages, they used cloves and neem dattan (twigs of the neem tree, with their tips chewed to make a brush) for their teeth, whereas nowadays people can hurt their teeth by improper brushing with plastic toothbrushes. Struggle and hardship make a person strong. The Guru says, “Dukh daaroo, sukh rog bhaeaa”  (Suffering is the medicine, pleasure is the disease). When there are difficulties, a person begins reading scripture, meditating, developing faith.

 The best thing is to feel that whatever God does is good. That is why the bhagat (lover of God) is always happy. He knows that God cannot make a mistake.

There is no need to be afraid of worldly things. There is no ned to be afraid of heat. The weather will surely change, like everything else. He is Master of it all. A responsible farmer doesn’t think about how the weather affects him. His whole attention is on his crop and how it will be affected. Such a person’s thought remains attached to good work.  A military person thinks only of victory, not of the possibility that he may die.

This healing of thought happens automatically when a person thinks, “You are my Creator and Master. My life is Yours.” So thinking, the person doesn’t have any accidents.