March 18, 1993 – An Agnostic’s Belief

Hari Dang is a famous mountaineer, environmental scientist and activist who has no faith in religion. But when he comes to Maharaj, an extraordinary exchange occurs. Hari Dang says to Maharaj, “People like me have done good work all their life—giving, giving, giving all their life—and then it’s finished. They have only self-satisfaction.”

Maharaj immediately replied,

No, no one’s life is finished. If one has done good work, the next life is good. This is the subject of all religious books, and they are 100% true. With enlightened vision one can see these births. They keep on going.

You can’t buy this wisdom; you have to find it inside. It is necessary to keep faith in God. Then the trees and flowers speak to you.

At the end of the audience, Hari Dang said to us, “I have climbed all the Himalaya mountains. My father was a Sikh panthi, but I have given up all religions. I am so happy to sit in Babaji’s presence since he reconciles all religions. It’s only through great personalities like Babaji that it can happen. In every period someone like this is born. In his presence, the vision that was in me has become stronger.”

To Maharaj, he said, “I cannot see God, but I can believe in you, and your blessings mean more to me than the blessings of God.”

Maharaj responded, “God exists.”

Hari Dang: “Sir, you can see Him, I can’t. My scientism, my cynicism is so strong. Your vision is beyond the mind.”

Maharaj proceeded to speak to him of the enlightened wisdom of the Vedas, of Guru Nanak, of the wonder of the Creation and the Creator. As Hari Dang prepared to depart, he said, “I am going, but your vision will be always with me. Babaji is a learned man. He understands everything. What a difference between this and the fraudulent god-men. You are our medium for understanding God.”