May 12, 1995 – Prayers at Jesus’ Place


            Yesterday while Major Sahib was translating our latest newsletter to Maharaj for his approval or corrections, Maharaj began delivering a strong warning that peace marches and peace seminars are a futile waste, since the people who speak and march are not peaceful themselves. Why aren’t the people good? Because, Maharaj said, the priests have not taught them to be good. The priests of all religions sit in their holy place and treat it as if it is their own house, not the house of Jesus or Mohammed.

            What is Jesus’ house in Gobind Sadan? Just a simple dirt-floored platform with a cross and some stones at the place behind the dairy where Jesus appeared to Maharaj. Tonight Maharaj went up to Jesus’ Place to pray for Swaranjit Singh’s wife Prem (who has developed the same blood platelets disease again that nearly killed her two years ago, but for his grace, for doctors have no cure for it) and to distribute panjiri, in celebration of Eid-ul-Zuha. Perhaps Maharaj was not planning to stay at Jesus’ Place, because no chair had been set for him there, but the panjiri had not been brought and his Bronco (which clearly follows God’s hukam in such matters) would not start after delivering Maharaj to Jesus’ Place. So he stood there in the hot evening with his hair covered in a unique way, rather Arabic: just once over the top, flat, tied around, with the veil falling to the back.

            People discovered that he was there and began to gather for his precious and rare darshan. A moora (half-round cane chair) was fetched and he sat down on one side of the platform facing the cross and the symbols Neelu had painted. Ultimately, we must have stayed there almost two hours, with him charging that place with the most palpable spiritual power as he sat talking in a quiet way to Giani Ji and Swaranjit.

            He told me to do Ardas. I assumed it was for Prem, so I said to the Light, “Your power is such that you can heal everyone here in an instant. But we most particularly ask You to heal our sister Prem. It is a very small thing for You, and she has suffered and served You so well for so long.” Then I distributed some of the huge vat of panjiri that Maharaj was offering to the sangat who fortunately came up and were there to receive it, a big ladle-full to each adult pair of hands and as much as they could carry to the children. When I gave panjiri to Captain Kala Singh, he took the same large quantity as everyone else, in a plastic lid, and said, “If you tell me to, I will eat the whole thing right now.” I was stunned by his faith. He is a very serious diabetic patient, with blood sugar level way off the chart: 400+. For him to eat even a morsel of sugar is usually unthinkable. I said, “I am not qualified to give you such hukam. I am not a giani (enlightened person). Ask Giani Ji.” But Giani Ji was talking to Maharaj. So what did Captain Kala Singh do? In his faith, he immediately ate fully half of the panjiri in his lid—maybe half a cup of pure sugar. He asked me to pray for him, so I did so because Maharaj was sitting there, charging the place with great light and power.

            Maharaj by that time was talking about the day we are celebrating—Abraham’s willingness to sacrifice his son, and then his reward of becoming the ancestor of the two largest religions in the world. Maharaj gave a unique explanation of why we celebrate all prophets’ holy days:

Guru Gobind Singh said to celebrate Abraham’s day today. When Guru Gobind Singh’s day comes, Jesus will be so happy if we celebrate it. And if we celebrate Jesus’s day, Guru Gobind Singh will be so happy. God will also be very happy. It is one family, one message. The prophets have all come from and returned to one Place. They love each other so much. How to make the prophets happy? Praise the others.  

May 13

            Captain Kala Singh seems totally fine, not at all adversely affected by that sugary panjiri, his consumption of which was a great miracle of his faith and Maharaj’s protection.

            As for Prem, her blood test was slightly better after the prayer at Jesus’ Place. She says to Maharaj, “You will heal me, not the doctors.” Maharaj replies, “We will start the blessings of Jesus’ Place with Biba (this lady) because she loves me so much.”


            After this blessing, Prem’s “incurable” disease was so much cured that she lived another thirteen years or so, outliving both her husband and Maharaj ji.