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The Naam that Baba Virsa Singh Ji gave us is priceless, but free. Some people are charging large sums for initiating people into the Naam they received from Babaji—“Ik Onkar Sat Nam Siri Wahe Guru”– but his programme has always been to distribute it freely to anyone who asks for it, as Guru Nanak instructed him. If we were to set a price on it according to its true value, no one could afford it.

Babaji always gave Naam in such a seemingly simple way, with no drama. He just repeated it line by line three times, and asked us to repeat it after him. He also explained its meaning in a simple way. “Ik Onkar”—God is One. “Sat Nam”—God is Truth. “Siri Wahe Guru”—God is so respected, too great for words to describe. In awe, we can only say, “Wah!” He told us to recite Naam all the time.

Babaji explained, “We are seeking something small, but with the help of Naam, oceans of priceless jewels await us.” After I received the Naam from him and began reciting it, I understood what he meant. All those things that we are seeking, both worldly and spiritual, come automatically from reciting Naam. If we meditate reciting Naam inwardly, It combs out negative thoughts and leaves our mind free, clear, happy, and peaceful. If we recite it silently day and night, it gives us a calm and solid foundation for meeting all the challenges that life brings. It takes away our fears, our anger, our resentment, our jealousy, our sorrow. Neither praise nor criticism have any effect on us, for we remain attached to One who is far above all these things.

Ultimately, Babaji says, “All ignorance ceases as the effect of Naam manifests fully. If you reach this stage of enlightenment through continual recitation of Naam and concentration on the Naami, you will see only God everywhere. Like God, you will feel neither enmity nor fear. You will recognize that it is the Naami who is sustaining and controlling all of life. Naam will make your actions bright and will give you clear inner vision, truthfulness, renunciation, desire to help the needy, and the power to do anything, for the Power of the Naami has manifested in you.”