Today our gardeners are reciting the entire Ramayana, the inspiring ancient story of Lord Rama. They are reading in pairs, one line following quickly upon the other, in heroic voices, without any breaks. To read the whole Ramayana takes 24 hours, so they will be reading all day and night. Tomorrow the gardeners who cannot read will be cooking breakfast for the whole community. All of this is being done at their own initiative, out of love.

Here at Gobind Sadan’s spiritual community—God’s House without Walls—we are also in the midst of Ramadan. Every night, after a hard day’s work while fasting from both food and water, many people come to our mosque to listen to reading of the Holy Qur’an and to pray , with great respect for the Holy One. After sharing water, they greet each other with love.

Inspiring news stories like these rarely appear in the media, but this is the kind of news we need. In the USA, Baba Virsa Singh Ji challenged the press: “In this country, people are afraid to talk about God due to the lack of love. Love has no eyes, no ears, but love can shape the whole world.” May we all have access to stories of love that feed our souls and change our lives.