Life Test


If we keep faith and love amid difficulties, and pray for those who abuse us, we will always remain happy and free.

Recently there was a big fight between two arrogant people. The matter didn’t end there, so one of them came to me trembling with anger and asked me to pray for him. He wanted to leave his duty. Maharaj Ji said, “Maharaj has planted you here. You are not to be uprooted. Life is a constant challenge to the ego. Learn to work with that so that it is not an impediment and continual source of irritation.

He was very puzzled by this reply. He was sure he was right and was nursing his grievances. I suggested that his holding on to “I’m right, you’re wrong” wasn’t a helpful solution and that he should try to take Maharaj’s advice. Somehow he forced himself to apologize to the other person. He was so relieved by that gesture that he said, “I’ll apologize to anybody and everybody, any time.” The other person came to him and shook his hand. The first person is now radiantly happy. He has passed the test and he is free.