August 26, 1997 – There is no new religion


            Maharaj again wants to dictate an important message to the world. He has been concerned about the tendency to create what is called a new religion, so this is his subject:

            Is the problem in the prophets, religions, followers, or in the speakers? What is needed that we should make a new religion? Jesus said to love everything—love trees, love people, love God. The Prophet Muhammad said to love Allah and His Creation. Moses said to love God and do not oppress the weak—they also want love. Give them freedom. He also taught love. Noah was told to build a boat and put two of all creatures on it [to save them from the flood that would come] in order to end the poison in the world and spread peace. Guru Gobind Singh said, “Listen all of you, for I speak the great inner truth: Only those who have deeply loved God have realized God.” He said that God is in truth, love, and seva.

            Lord Krishna said that the soul is eternal, and Brahma is within. He said to work but don’t desire the fruits of your actions; rather, love. Lord Rama also taught love. Buddha and Mahavir said not to do violence to anything, but rather love. Guru Nanak said that God’s Light is in all; love all. He has no form. What is His place? Love.

            Now the fashion is to start a new religion and say the old one is bad. Dharma can never be bad, for it has come from within. Whatever He said, the often illiterate prophets spoke.

            Decide: Is the temple or pandit wrong? If a person does wrong and sits in a holy place, we can’t say that is dharma. My feeling is that there can be no new religion. God creates and takes back everything. There is nothing new. Dharma is continuous.

            No word can be pleasing which does not first please God. He will not be pleased with any criticism. Guru Granth Sahib says, “Don’t consider the Vedas and revealed scriptures false. That person is false who does not contemplate them.” The Guru knew that the scriptures are from vision. The Prophet Muhammad likewise revealed that the older scriptures are to be respected, and then one should have faith in Islam.

            No religion has said anything different, although the languages are different. Religions are not separate or different. Why else did prophets continually refer back to earlier religions?

            Don’t build a new city. You can’t, and you don’t have the means. Repair the old one.

            Now people think that a religion is a group of people, but it’s not. It came with prophets. They all said the same: Love. Guru Nanak said, “Ik Onkar, Sat Nam”—“God is One, the Truth.” We can all agree on this. The Holy Qur’an says that Allah is One, without a partner—there should be no doubt. To say these things again wastes money, time, and paper, all of which are in short supply.

If you try to make a new religion, it is for the sake of your own name. Why have you got this idea in your mind? Cut it out.

The prophets have always given up their own comfort, home, and pleasure for the sake of giving them to others. What person today would give up kingdom and go to where there isn’t even any food? These were the sacrifices that Moses made. Sikhs are sitting comfortably now because of the sacrifices of Guru Gobind Singh, so why would anyone reject this and start a new religion?

This idea of starting new religions is displeasing to God. It’s just that people forget and need reminding. What a waste of money for airplanes, food, and hotels to say that all religions are corrupt and we need a new one. Satan has made this idea. It is not from God.

You can’t find in any scripture that any new religion is being created. What I say is found in all scriptures. There is nothing new in the world. Everyone thinks themselves a prophet and announces another religion. But there is no new religion. Dharma is already made. God has spoken. Don’t try to make yourself a God. If you don’t believe, it’s your choice.

People say, “My word is correct and yours is not.” There is endless enlightened wisdom in the prophets’ words—an ocean of gyan. Whatever exists, follow it. But people have become very rigid. Seeing them, others start new religions. What is new in them?

If you are Christian, be a good Christian. If you are Muslim, have a heart soft as wax. Think like this: I know that other prophets have come, but I prefer my favourite manifestation of God. The other prophets are not my property, but God came through them, too.

Then I dared to ask Maharaj ji a question: “How do the prophets feel if no one is truly following them?” Maharaj answered,

On one hand, it means that people aren’t getting the blessings. On the other hand, the father isn’t pleased when he sees his child being disobedient. People aren’t ready to sit at the guru’s feet.