August 27, 1997 – True advancement and natural healing


            Prem and Swaranjit have brought two doctors from the United States for Maharaj’s audience. Seeing their inner condition, he immediately says to them, “All worry is His, like a mother for her children.”

            Then after a discussion of some problems in modern medicine, Maharaj ji speaks to them about the meaning of advancement:

            What does advanced mean? Not a big house or good clothes. Rather, “How pure and wise and loving and serving is my thought?” When people get big houses, they may not be so advanced. With their misbehaviors, egos, and big cars people may seem to advance, but not really.

            The need is to transform our thoughts. How to clean them of worry? We must daily clear away the filth of bad thoughts. The cycle of worry is out of our control. Our nature vacillates with our feelings—sometimes fear, sometimes joy, sometimes finding everything tasty, sometimes finding everything tasteless. How to keep thought safe and pure? We torture our thoughts 24 hours a day, shooting arrows of worry about the future. “What will happen?” Nothing will happen.

 How can we ask for 24-hour happiness? Everyone goes according to his own nature, and so does God. We should allow Him to run our thought and carry our worries.

Tomorrow will always come. Why interfere? Enjoy today. Your parents came and went worrying about tomorrow, but you’re traveling along the same path. Were you there when tomorrow was created? So why worry? You won’t create it. The One who took care of you today will do so tomorrow. Do your good actions and don’t desire their fruit. Worship and love Him, have faith.

If you are to cure anyone, your hand, thought, and goal will carry the healing. If you are worrying, those vibrations will be transmitted to the patient.

We are trying to sit in God’s office, and thus we upset things. He takes care of how to give us sleep and breath. Gurbani says, “Don’t worry—worry is His.” He cares for the creatures in the sea. The animals there live happily. But when a human goes there, they worry that he may hurt them.

Pray to God that His power will be in your thoughts and your work. He will supply, and then you will be happy. We have lost the tradition of taking blessings from our elders. With that, crime and worry have come and love Is gone. If you disrespect your elders, your children will not support you. 

Prem tells Maharaj, “They have written about natural healing.” He responds,

Natural things are unequalled. The natural tune of the environment brings such peace. Plants come up automatically, and in them is healing. Wherever humans build, things are spoiled, including people’s thoughts. Nothing natural remains—not even milk. Plants are sprayed. Even the air is bad. There is so much pollution here that it must be traveling to Haryana and Himachal Pradesh. Poisonous things travel very fast, whereas pure natural things go slowly, cleaning along the way.

Today vegetables, wheat, soya, raw sugar—none are natural. Poison has been given to keep the plants healthy, but it makes those who eat the plants sick! Put anything on your table—you can’t be sure that anything there will be natural. Our old crops were natural, but no longer. The water from the fields carries poisons. Thus people are not happy.

In the market, there are such poisonous sprays. Even though a goat naturally eats a bit of this and that, Its healthful milk is now full of poison. Now people are afraid to eat anything.

If the old things come back, we may not have enough to feed the public. But if you take pure things, your diseases will end. When there is spraying in the villages, that spray affects even people at a distance, as if snake venom were being carried on the air.

Here everything is spoiled. But it’s good to strengthen people’s minds. Then perhaps they will not be affected by bad things. But nothing is natural.  We don’t even know what things emanate from electricity. There is a need for great research on the effects of trees on those who sit beneath them. Look at what strength neem gives to the body.

It is hard to bring natural things here because the population is great; it’s easier where you live. But hope is important. Keeping hope and not being bored is very important to health. A person who works hard sets an example of that, especially if he is working to fulfil others’ needs, the needs of the country.

God has created a few people for such progress. In the United States, people don’t interfere with a progressive person. Here people are jealous of him. Nevertheless, it is necessary to work, and especially to do good work. The time is fixed for everything—for you to come, for the prophet to have vision, for the period to change. Keep doing good work and leave worry to Him.