August 29, 1997 – The Teacher corrects us


            Maharaj knows our nature and gives us clues so we can improve it. Today he has seen that I am too attached to the labourers who are building things here. He cautions me,

            Be attached only to our goal of attaching people to God. Steer a middle course between being fully open with people and being closed to them. Always think of the possibility that in India, someone who seems loving may be trying to use you. As Jesus said, keep the heart of a dove but the mind of a snake.

            We have never accepted favours from the rich, or stayed at their houses, or accepted the invitations of politicians.

            The Guru is giving you gyan, but when there is attachment to someone else, that transmission of gyan is cut off. The books you are writing will be read for lakhs of years. There is a fire raging all around. They must not be spoiled by that.

            In addition to this essential personal advice to me, Maharaj says to guests in the evening,

            Thought is not under anyone’s control, so everyone is always sinning with thoughts of anger, jealousy, and the like. A person is a slave of attachment, of self-interest. How to break these bonds? A person repeatedly forgets and repeats these mistakes. Nothing is under a person’s control. What can we do? All these things are chasing us.

            Do not try to change the hukam. It already exists. Follow the instructions directly. But people forget, and then there are disasters.

            According to hukam, I have been sitting here (in Gobind Sadan) for three years. But the hukam came for another person that if he stays here, there will be a great fire for him. Only God knows the reason for a particular hukam. Everyone wants me to go to the mountains and to Punjab, but the order is to stay here. It is very difficult to follow hukam. There is a conflict between obeying and following one’s own ideas. Everything in God’s house is very merciful, but also difficult.

            Everyone keeps forgetting to control their mind, so people speak against corruption and casteism, but then practice them. When the mind is under control what one says is the same as what is inside.

            Then Maharaj praises U.S. Jolly, Commissioner of the Delhi Development Authority, who is among the guests.  

            Responsibility and loyalty are very rare. If a person reaches a high post and doesn’t speak harshly or commit corruption, it is very powerful. Honest responsibility and a sweet tongue are both needed. If you attack your boss, you will never keep your job. It is good to learn to say, “I’m sorry.” Responsibility means going along smoothly without anger, without criticism. You can say, “Perhaps it’s my fault.” A bitter-tongued person will always have enemies.