November 10, 1993 – Hakeem becomes a believer



Nofil Roomani, the Muslim poet from Kithore near Shiv Sadan, tells me, “When I started coming to Maharaj, the hakeem [scholar and practitioner of traditional herbal medicine], who is very orthodox, said, ‘Why are you going to him? You should go to a learned Muslim.’ He thought Maharaj was against Islam. I requested him with love, ‘Please go and see him yourself.’ The hakeem said, ‘No! I don’t want to decrease my faith in Islam.’

After several such requests, the hakeem came to Maharaj in Tejpuri. Maharaj was sitting in his Bronco. They saw each other. Neither he nor Maharaj spoke. Afterward, I asked, ‘What is your opinion?’ The hakeem said, ‘The doubts in my mind have been totally eliminated by the sight of Maharaj. You may come whenever you like, and bring me, too.’ He took an oath on Allah and said, ‘Whatever was in my mind has been changed. He is not an ordinary person. I feel that Maharaj has the Light of some great spiritual power.’

I myself feel that in the eyes of Maharaj there is such light and power that people are drawn toward him. The hakeem said, ‘Whenever I see Maharaj, I feel great peace of mind. Outside of Islam, there are many powers that have been sent by God who are working.’

When Maharaj was requested to come to Kithore, the hakeem received him with great respect. He said, ‘This is a learned man with great knowledge of Islam.’ There are many people who have no faith in Maharaj. This hakeem talks to them and their minds are changed.”

Nofil himself says, “I want to devote all my life to Maharaj so that I may feel I have given my life for a good cause. Once I brought someone from Kithore to see Maharaj. It was afternoon and the staff told us that Maharaj was about to go into his kothi for lunch and probably would not come back out until evening. Our time was short; we could not wait until evening. To leave without seeing him would be a great disappointment. So we set out to find him.

At last we saw his Bronco in the distance.  Instead of travelling back to the dera, it was standing still. When we reached it, we found that it was stopped because of some mechanical difficulty. Maharaj received us, saying, ‘I knew that someone sincere was coming, so I could not go on.’ After our audience with him, the Bronco automatically started working again, and he left for lunch.”