November 5, 1993: Lucky to have paper


Maharaj says to me, “You worry too much. The programme being planned for late December will be successful.” He always knows my inner condition better than I do. Coming from American culture, I think far ahead and needlessly worry about the unknown future. Maharaj teaches us, “You are always worrying, ‘What will happen? What will happen?’ Nothing will happen! The One who makes tomorrow hasn’t even made it yet.”

One of my worries is how to spread his very important message around the world. I tell him, “Cut off from books and computers and such, all I can do is sit by you in the fields and write letters to influential friends around the world about what you are doing and saying. But maybe this will have more effect than high-technology methods.”

Maharaj grins and says, “The great rishis (ancient Indian sages) had no books, and they had to write on palm leaves. You are lucky you have paper!”