March 14, 1996 – He does not let us see difficult times

Today is the first day of the lunar year, the first day of the first month, Chet. Yesterday Maharaj was speaking very candidly about the coming of better times. A few pieces of what he was saying privately to us:

All the world connections are being joined here. All the wires are brought here and connected. Dharma is such that everything is united there. Dharma is love without limits, beyond expression.

Whatever I say, it happens, because God is speaking.

When the time comes, that Light will change all minds. Hatred and self-interest are now putting pressure on Creation. They are damaging the world. High character is only a false projection.

All the old things will come back, but in a different form. Love, friendship, family, and village joy will all return. For people with old traditional ideas, such as staying at home, this period is unsettling. Satan has settled in every inch. The prophets have described the nature of Kali Yuga, but they also said the time will come when a dacoit will become good.

Times come and go. The time will always come when Dharma returns. Dharma is not just in a holy place; it is in enlightened vision.

Always pay attention to the Guru’s hukam. He has foretold what will happen, and it will. Very much will happen. There will be a great wave, and it will be good.

Then Maharaj began dictating a letter to the Druze in Israel. In part, he said to them,

For you, the best thing is to love that Power under whose hukam are the whole Creation, the person’s birth and death. Nothing is outside that hukam.

Peace is not a matter of talk, but of enlightened vision and communion with God. All peace, truth, vision, and control are with Him. We are to but love Him. Without that, our thoughts are wasted. We all know that peace is good, but people have no control over their thoughts, so they are hurting others’ feelings.

We are sending you love from Gobind Sadan. See His peace in all places, and in yourself. Never forget that He exists, that Light exists. “One God” means that nothing is equal to You—that You create all, write our fate, our karma.

First leave your thoughts, your goal, your ego to Him, and then He will give you such peace, such happiness. Peace is not a matter of speech. When a person meets it, it is everywhere around him. It is a matter of inner love.  

In the world these days, all are talking of their desire for peace, so turn inside. If you are full of ego, how can you really want peace? It is in you already.

It is a fashion to help the poor. If a person works hard but cannot meet his needs, help him. But the poorest person is one who has no love, no desire to serve, no kindness in his heart. Try to help him.

May God bless you that what you say, you do. It is my firm faith that when you think of Him and ask, He will give.

Gobind Sadan’s programme is finding God in all lands, all oceans. Everywhere, God is one and the same. Trees, animals, the wind are our relatives.

Yesterday for hours and hours, and early this morning after my havan duty, and again on waking this morning, I was looking and looking for the missing cassette tape from September 17, 1994, which is very important for Maharaj ji’s mission. In it he has a wonderful dialogue with the Druze from Israel—a deep and amazing spiritual exchange.* Dr. and Mrs. Sondhi are about to leave for Israel and want us to extend our ties with the Druze, so I wanted again to find that tape, for which I had searched in vain long ago.

Last night I asked Maharaj to help, and he said, “Keep on looking. You will find it.” He did not give me any clues to where it is.

This morning, still searching, unable to give up but not knowing where else to look, I went to hear the Hukam Nama, the day’s message from Guru Granth Sahib. The hukam is from the Fifth Guru, on the beginning of page 682:

Aukhee gharee na daykhan day-ee, apnaa bird samaalay….

“He does not let His devotees see difficult times,

He honours his nature.

Giving His hand, He protects His devotees;

With every breath, He nourishes them.

My mind is attached to my Lord.

In the beginning, and in the end, the Lord is always my Helper;

Blessed is my Friend.

Beholding the wondrous greatness of the Master,

My mind is in ecstasy.

Nanak: Remembering and meditating upon God, I am in bliss;

The Lord has perfectly preserved my honour.”

After hearing that, I went back to the search for the tape, and found it—on a copy of a tape of Ralph’s, labeled “Sept. 10, 1994,” with no indication of the contents, and buried behind the singing of Bibi Jaswant Kaur, for an old miscopied kirtan tape had been used to make my copy, and the kirtan had not been erased as the new recording was made. Way behind  the kirtan in volume, one can just barely make out fragments of Dr. Sondhi’s translation for the Druze.

What a relief! He has come to my aid again, as always. I could never have found this myself. I have called Ralph in the United States, and found that he has a good original. He will copy and mail it directly to the Druze, for it has their Arabic translation as well.

Thank You, thank You! You have preserved Your own treasure, as well as the feelings of Your servant.


*[See what Maharaj said to the Druze in the story from September 17, 1994: “The Druze from Israel”]