28 January, 1995 – Healing a wild child

Dr. Sharma from the Agriculture Department of Punjabi Agricultural University is here again with his wife and their mad-crippled daughter Timmi, 4 ½ years old. They have given her so much love and care—steam baths, massage, special school, naturopathy—but when... Read more

29 January, 1995 – Becoming the Chief Secretary


Amrik Singh Puni, IAS, has been appointed Chief Secretary of Punjab. He had come to Maharaj three times, from two and a half months ago, doing full prostration, and had been following Maharaj’s hukam fully:  waving Chaur Sahib over... Read more

8 February, 1995 – No rain on their wedding


Captain Harmeet Singh greeted me tonight and said a new miracle had occurred to him. His daughter was being married, with two thousand guests. They had put up some light-weight tent for the occasion, but the day was cloudy... Read more

10 February, 1995 – Success from Jaap Sahib

Three men have come from Mukatsar in Punjab to thank Maharaj because one’s son has been appointed as a judge by the blessing of Jaap Sahib. They are asked, “Do you believe in the power of Jaap Sahib now?” “Yes,... Read more

February 14, 1995 – Healing of Sohel, Part II

When I saw Dr. Chopra (Director of a major government hospital) two days ago, he told me that three of Sohel’s four large open sores have healed, by the blessings of Jesus’ Place. Navjot has been rubbing dirt from Jesus’... Read more

February 15, 1995 – The energy of Jaap Sahib


From time to time the hukam comes through Maharaj for us to recite many Jaap Sahibs together out loud.  Such a hukam came at 8:15 this morning, so Bhagat Ji rounded up some of us in the havan and... Read more

19 February, 1995 – Thundering Jaap Sahib


Maharaj has said several times, with his special look, that he wants only tapasya (renunciate spiritual practice) for his birthday celebration. So Jaap Sahib recitation continues for three hours each morning, then again in the afternoon, again in the... Read more

20  February, 1995 – Maharaj’s personal experience of Jesus

Maharaj seems to be very close to Jesus. Balwant Singh said we made a big mistake not having a camera there when he and Maharaj went to Jesus’ Place this afternoon. We have placed a simple wooden cross at the... Read more

3 March, 1995 – The Inner-Knower


                In Guru Granth Sahib, God is often referred to as Antarjanee – the Inner-Knower. Whenever Maharaj speaks to people, it is clear that he knows what is going on in their lives and in their minds. He knows us... Read more

March 27, 1995 – Fire and rain


            It was a clear and calm night. Maharaj sat in the garden under the stars, as he has been doing these days, speaking quietly to a group of people who gathered. He spoke at length about the use of... Read more

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