July 21, 1995 – To Russia with love


            I’ve just returned from a busy 10-day visit to Russia on Maharaj’s behalf. He had seen in vision since childhood that Russians would be the most faithful followers, even though Russia was at that time officially atheistic, and... Read more

July 23, 1995 – Don’t give up


            Andrew Euston, a high official in the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development invited Maharaj to meet some colleagues—sincere architects and town planners–in his cozy, plant-filled home when we were in Washington in December 1992. Sensitive and... Read more

July 25, 1995 – The Truth for General Uban


            Whenever Major General Sujan Singh Uban (Retd.) comes to see Maharaj Ji, we can be sure that Maharaj Ji will give a special teaching. Why is this? I have pointed out this fact to General Uban, and he... Read more

August 10, 1995 – A letter for Hindu leaders


            Maharaj has been inspired to share his genuine experiences with Hindu leaders, so he calls Major Sahib and dictates a letter to be sent to the major Shankaracharyas, sages, and temple officials:

            Once the order came from... Read more

August 11, 1995 – All prophets have taught love


            Sukhwinder Malhi, a senior reporter for the National Herald newspaper, has come to interview Maharaj. Maharaj Ji obliges him with a lovely talk about the oneness of all religions. In part, he says:

            Throughout the world religion... Read more

December 23rd, 1995 – To Russia with love


              Valentin Sidorov of Russia has come again with some of his followers to speak to Maharaj about their efforts to bring harmony among religions. Maharaj spends a long time talking with them, giving examples spontaneously from the lives... Read more

February 4th & 6th 1996 – Chief Minister of Punjab and Home Minister visit


              After the former Chief Minister of Punjab, Beant Singh, was assassinated even with 5000 security people around him, security is very tight at Gobind Sadan as the new Chief Minister, H. S. Brar, comes to pay his first... Read more



A message for Gobind Sadan USA, September 10, 2016, from Baba Virsa Singh Ji Maharaj

“Kush rao!” How many times has Maharaj Ji told us this, and yet we remain unhappy, worried, anxious about the future, miserable in the... Read more

“Become His trusting child”

Message from Baba Virsa Singh Ji Maharaj  for Gobind Sadan USA, August 14, 2016

People ask, “Why do bad things happen to good people?” But the real question is, “Why do people lose faith when they are in the greatest... Read more



Interfaith dialogue seems like a wonderful idea, a great way to bring harmony among people of different religions. It is such a popular idea that it has been tried for hundreds of years.

When Akbar became the Mogul Emperor... Read more

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