“Become His trusting child”

Message from Baba Virsa Singh Ji Maharaj  for Gobind Sadan USA, August 14, 2016

People ask, “Why do bad things happen to good people?” But the real question is, “Why do people lose faith when they are in the greatest... Read more

The Power of Jaap Sahib, Chandi di Vaar, and Dasam Granth Sahib

I.C. wrote: “I wish to inquire about the power of Jaap Sahib and Chandi di Vaar and Sri Dasam Granth Sahib in general. I need help and guidance, and the support, help, and power of Jaap Sahib and Chandi di... Read more

We are all working in Guru Gobind Singh’s mission

Members of Gobind Sadan USA asked Maharaj for a message to guide them. This is what He dictated:

            I am always with you, because we are all together in our dedication to Guru Gobind Singh’s mission.

            We must never forget... Read more

Requirements for successful marriage

            Many people come to Maharaj Ji via Hardip Singh or me to ask whether a given person is a suitable match for their child. So many marriages are falling apart these days that I became very discouraged and asked Maharaj... Read more

Meditation to save a relationship

An engaged couple came to take blessings to save their relationship, since they were fighting so often with each other in a dynamic of distrust and deceit. Jesus Maharaj was very strict with them, telling them that they should give... Read more

Ocean of Love

A Russian sevadar asked Maharaj what is the next step forward for her. He said:

Understand that you are in an ocean of Love. Sometimes you can just float in it; sometimes you will have to swim. But don’t get... Read more

Someone is listening

A Norwegian woman came to Gobind Sadan and asked, “What is God? What can you recite if you do not feel close to any scriptures?” Jesus Maharaj answered, Pray from the heart. You will find that Someone—beyond the physical world,... Read more



Interfaith dialogue seems like a wonderful idea, a great way to bring harmony among people of different religions. It is such a popular idea that it has been tried for hundreds of years.

When Akbar became the Mogul Emperor... Read more

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