February 4th & 6th 1996 – Chief Minister of Punjab and Home Minister visit


              After the former Chief Minister of Punjab, Beant Singh, was assassinated even with 5000 security people around him, security is very tight at Gobind Sadan as the new Chief Minister, H. S. Brar, comes to pay his first... Read more

February 5th, 1996 – We cannot understand enlightenment


              Major Sahib has read out the draft of the new Punjabi newsletter to Maharaj, which contains Maharaj Ji’s talk about meditation. Maharaj listens carefully and then remarks,

It is very difficult to understand enlightenment. Even the enlightened person... Read more

March 9, 1996 – Genuine worship

Celia Storey, a dedicated interfaith organizer from England, and Heather Gross, a young woman from Canada who has been doing excellent seva here for some time, have come together for Maharaj’s audience. They are both sincere people, so Maharaj emphasizes... Read more

March 19, 1996 – To Martin Forward about distortions in religion


Our dear friend from Cambridge University in England, Rev. Martin Forward, has come again to see Maharaj ji. He explains to Maharaj ji that he teaches potential Christian ministers about other religions. In addition to being a very knowledgeable... Read more

April 18, 1996 – How to meditate?

Baba Virsa Singh Ji gives excellent instructions on how to meditate by focusing on the Guru, resulting in great peace, happiness, and power. April 18th... Read more

April 23, 1996 – The importance of law and order

Practical lesson by Baba Virsa Singh Ji Maharaj about the importance of observing law as a way of preserving order in times of chaos and change.... Read more

May 7, 1996 – Healed by Prasad and love

God’s Power heals 24 hours a day. You know the priests criticized a woman who was being stoned [on suspicion of adultery], but Jesus healed her by the power of his merciful gaze. God always heals, but it’s a matter of our love. He heals if we look at Him with love and pray from... Read more

Freedom from Anger


Message from Baba Virsa Singh Ji Maharaj for Gobind Sadan USA, December 2016


            Anger is one of the first qualities forbidden to Khalsa– “Khalsa krod tiagay” – and yet so few who consider themselves Khalsa are free... Read more



A message from Baba Virsa Singh for Gobind Sadan USA, November 2016


            Many people come to Gobind Sadan in search of healing. What is healing? A condition of the mind, body, and soul in which there is... Read more



A message for Gobind Sadan USA, September 10, 2016, from Baba Virsa Singh Ji Maharaj

“Kush rao!” How many times has Maharaj Ji told us this, and yet we remain unhappy, worried, anxious about the future, miserable in the... Read more

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