April 23, 1994 – No rain on Maharaj’s wheat


On April 21st night as we were driving back from Punjab, a great storm came up, with wild wind and rain. “It’s not good for these wheat harvests,” we thought. Then yesterday, as Prem Pal and I were driving... Read more

8 June 11 p.m 1994 – “Rain” on our tractors


                I was trying to sleep, unsuccessfully, because the heat had turned even my bed into an oven with no cool spots. Cooling monsoon rains are weeks away. The phone came from Balwant Singh to come take photographs of something.... Read more

Nov. 18, 1994 – Daniel tries again

Nov. 18, 1994 – Daniel tries again

Daniel Gomez-Ibanez has returned to Maharaj after his very difficult experiences in organizing the 1993 Parliament of Religions in Chicago. It was highly successful in terms of attendance—over 8000 people from around the... Read more

November 25, 1994 – Case won by faith


Jatinder Pal has just returned from Chandigarh, where a court case that was pending against him for seven years was heard. It was in reference to his bid to sell parts from his factory to the government, vs. that... Read more

November 28, 1994 – The Loving Hand


            My nightly havan duty is 2 to 4 a.m.  Last night I had cleaned the ghee pot with samagri at the end of my roll, so I didn’t want to go inside Darbar Sahib (the place of the sacred... Read more

December 1, 1994 – Brain tumour healed by His word


            Some men have come from Mukatsar in Punjab. One of them had a tumour in his brain. He had come to Maharaj a week ago and Maharaj said, “There is nothing there. You can have it checked by doctors.”... Read more

4 December, 1994 – A Merciful Passing


Pinkie Bubber is a gracious and intelligent long-time devotee. She relates that her son’s wife was pregnant for three months. Then one day when Pinkie was doing her daily seva of jharu (sweeping) and pocha (washing the floor) in... Read more

December 8, 1994 – Guru Gobind Singh foretold the future


Yesterday we read to Maharaj a letter that had come to me from the director of a large international interfaith organization who knows me and has met Maharaj. In the letter he proposed that I travel around the world... Read more

15 December, 1994 – Babaji dictates a great message


Maharaj takes great interest in whatever we write about him for the media, because he wants his message to be conveyed accurately. Today he dictates an article to be printed on very good paper and sent to all the... Read more

December 16, 1994 – Bored elsewhere

I’ve gone to a tea party hosted by another spiritual organization, with leaders from their New York office. It was strange to discover that as one of those leaders gave a little talk about their activities, the energy in the... Read more

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