December 19, 1994 – So magnetic


June Adamson of Vancouver came for the first time. She sat in the garden for Maharaj’s bachan, not understanding a word, for nobody was translating for her. Yet she said,

Something has changed inside me. Even when I set... Read more

December 22, 1994 – Guidance to a cabinet minister


            Many government leaders come to Maharaj Ji for blessings, and he inevitably gives them spiritual guidance as well as practical advice. Today it is the central government’s cabinet minister for power. As I come in, Maharaj Ji is giving... Read more

December 23 A, 1994 – Transformation by religion


            Reporters from a German magazine have come to see Maharaj. He speaks to them for a long time, giving them an excellent statement about how we would change if we believe in religion. Here are some points from his... Read more

December 23 B, 1994 – How to meditate


The son of the German magazine reporter does not want to meditate. Maharaj speaks to him in terms that he can understand and accept:

            If you want to have a strong mind, happy family life, and good business, meditation... Read more

December 28, 1994 – Returning to the love of Jesus


Gerard Menzel, a world-rover, is here from Australia. He says,

Being with Babaji has brought me back to the true understanding of Jesus’ love. I had rejected everything of religion, especially Christianity, because of the power structures in the... Read more

December 30, 1994 – Father Gregorios’s Guru


Father Paulos Mar Gregorios is one of the pre-eminent Christian leaders in the world. He is Past-President of the World Council of Churches and Metropolitan of the Syrian Orthodox Church. He is also a brilliant scholar of all religions.... Read more

January 6, 1995 – Visiting Father Gregorios

Last night Maharaj said that he wanted to pay Father Gregorios a visit of love today, so it was arranged. Maharaj said he had a very strong inner feeling to do so for the past few days. This is highly... Read more

January 7, 1995 – Light has no barriers

Tonight Maharaj sat in his garden on the hill and gave a lovely talk about turning on the switch to light and happiness by transcending all barriers. “There is One Light from which all the prophets have come,” he said.... Read more

January 8, 1995 – Indar’s storm


            Gurcharan says that Maharaj gave hukam that this place should be so decorated with lightbulbs for Guru Gobind Singh’s birthday that Indar Devta (king of the gods, associated with rain and thunderstorms) would come down to see what is... Read more

January 9, 1995 – Faith, responsibility, and love

            Seeing Maaike Snel of the Netherlands, who is very faithful in carrying out her seva duties, Maharaj gives us a wonderful talk based on her good qualities:

I feel that faith and responsibility are two separate things. The person who... Read more

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