August 11, 1995 – All prophets have taught love


            Sukhwinder Malhi, a senior reporter for the National Herald newspaper, has come to interview Maharaj. Maharaj Ji obliges him with a lovely talk about the oneness of all religions. In part, he says:

            Throughout the world religion... Read more

 October 21, 1995 – The dervish is bound only by love


            An Islamic visionary from a 500-year-old pir’s place in Madhya Pradesh, Syed Anar Shah Rahmud Allay from Iraq, has come to see Maharaj. Maharaj tells him,

The dervish is unique. After the prophet leaves, people bind him into... Read more

December 23rd, 1995 – To Russia with love


              Valentin Sidorov of Russia has come again with some of his followers to speak to Maharaj about their efforts to bring harmony among religions. Maharaj spends a long time talking with them, giving examples spontaneously from the lives... Read more

February 5th, 1996 – We cannot understand enlightenment


              Major Sahib has read out the draft of the new Punjabi newsletter to Maharaj, which contains Maharaj Ji’s talk about meditation. Maharaj listens carefully and then remarks,

It is very difficult to understand enlightenment. Even the enlightened person... Read more

March 14, 1996 – He does not let us see difficult times

Today is the first day of the lunar year, the first day of the first month, Chet. Yesterday Maharaj was speaking very candidly about the coming of better times. A few pieces of what he was saying privately to... Read more

April 18, 1996 – How to meditate?

Baba Virsa Singh Ji gives excellent instructions on how to meditate by focusing on the Guru, resulting in great peace, happiness, and power. April 18th... Read more

May 13, 1996 – Healing at Jesus’ Place

Maharaj and wants to recount the story of how her husband, who has MB in Medicine, was healed of a very painful slipped... Read more

God’s Motherly Love


The words of the Sikh evening prayer (Raihras) are very touching. In part, the Fifth Guru says,

Flamingoes fly hundreds of miles leaving their offspring behind.

                Who feeds them? Who teaches them to peck?

                Their mothers are always repeating... Read more


Baba Virsa Singh, whom his devotees adore and worship, never asked to be worshipped. He refused to allow us to use labels like Saint or Guru for him. He said, “I’m just trying to be a better human being.”

This... Read more

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