Stories from Gobind Sadan

August 6, 1996 – To the former Prime Minister: Sleep peacefully


P. V. Narasimha Rao, whose 5-year tenure as Prime Minister ended in May when his Congress Party lost the general election, has come back to Maharaj for blessings. Now that he and his party are no longer in power,... Read more

August 8, 1996 – A bad time for Russia


            Through vision, Maharaj ji is aware of what is happening around the world, now and in the future, and will give wise advice if asked. Today Gerald from Russia has come to take Maharaj’s guidance before he returns... Read more

August 11, 1996 – Everything depends on inner courage


                Representatives of farmers’ groups have come to Maharaj for his support and guidance in their cause. He says to them firmly,

                Everything is based on inner courage (jurat). No one can use a courageous person. If a... Read more

August 12, 1996 – Long-term Success


                Some people have come to Maharaj to take his blessings and advice on creating a United Nations programme for educating children in environmental protection. Maharaj welcomes them lovingly, and then tells them,

                Good things always have blessings,... Read more

August 14, 1996 – Why not celebrate all holy days everywhere?


                Mr. M. C. Bhandari has come to talk to Maharaj about an interfaith conference he is arranging for September. Maharaj is not enthusiastic about the idea. He tells him,

There are two different things: One is idea, the... Read more

August 17, 1996 – First convince your mind that there is one prophet


            Josef, a young man from Europe, has worked for the International Interfaith Centre in Oxford, England and is now working for United Religions Initiative. He says to Maharaj, “I came here because I heard that Jesus had appeared... Read more

August 28, 1996 – Rakhri Day


Today is the wonderful Indian tradition by which a girl goes to tie a rakhi on the wrist of her brother and pray for his long life, and her brother promises to always protect her. Many people are thus... Read more

August 30, 1996 – His Power emerges within us to help the weak


            Officials from the Railway Ministry in Orissa have come to see Maharaj. The leader is Kanhu Charan Lenka, Minister of Revenue and Transport for the Government of Orissa, from the capital city of Bhubaneswar. Others gradually enter the... Read more

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