Stories from Gobind Sadan

October 3, 1996 – The merger of past karma and present karma

            Mohinder Singh, who has built many metal sheds for Gobind Sadan over the years, including Maharaj’s little house in Shiv Sadan, has come for Maharaj’s darshan along with other people. Maharaj gives them a very special talk about how... Read more

October 9, 1996 – His own Meditation Experiences


October 9, 1996 – His own Meditation Experiences

                Maharaj has been talking to me about responses to his newsletters, especially indications that walls between people of different religions are coming down. He wants us to show photos of... Read more

October 13, 1996 – The need for faith in Kali yug


                Ranjit Kalha and his wife Baljit have come to see Maharaj. Ranjit is a very distinguished public servant, having served as India’s Ambassador to Iraq and Indonesia. He is now serving as Additional Secretary, Ministry of External Affairs.... Read more

November 1, 1996 – Worry and corruption


                Our great resident elder, Granthi and research scholar Bhai Kirpal Singh, has been cured of serious diabetes by Maharaj ji’s grace. He comes to thank Maharaj ji, who is inspired to give a talk about worry and corruption,... Read more

November 3, 1996  – Saving the ex-Prime Minister (Sri Narasimha Rao)


                Being in great trouble politically, Sri Narasimha Rao, ex-Prime Minister of India, has come to Maharaj for his blessings. He is being charged in many raging corruption scandals and is due to appear in court on the 5th.... Read more

November 3, 1996 – Good people are waiting to sprout


                Maharaj is giving many great talks these days. After the long audience with Sri Narasimha Rao and his officers, he speaks to various other people. To one public figure, he says,

                When you have great responsibility, keep... Read more

November 5, 1996 – The weakness of today’s youth


                Major Sahib and Maharaj are discussing the case of a young person from Punjab who has gone astray. Maharaj says,

                In the past, respect, love, and fear of elders kept our young people in line. Now that’s... Read more

November 6, 1996 – Reviving dharma


                Shri Prakash Singh Badal is now head of the Akali party in Punjab. He was an old disciple of Maharaj but hasn’t seen him in a long time. Today he has come with his wife, and Maharaj offers... Read more

November 8, 1996 – High and low


                Maharaj prays intensely, and then distributes fine woolen blankets to our labourers. After they leave, he says to us:

                A person’s taste and enjoyment are gone when he becomes rich. Look at labourers: They are strong and... Read more

November 11, 1996 – An old soul reappears


                Daljit Grewal’s baby is here from Canada. His family is amazed that even as a toddler he is sitting in meditation. And when they carry him around in Gobind Sadan, he is very excited to see the paintings... Read more

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