Stories from Gobind Sadan

July 27, 1997 – Nothing new in dharma


            Maharaj ji is musing about someone who is trying to start a large new international religion. He says to us,

Dharmic people—the true ones—have never gathered many people. But their words affected the very trees, and people are... Read more

July 27, 1997 – Merge with The Power that runs the cosmos


            Mr. Chand Bhardwaj comes to Maharaj ji to describe his unusual work. After the sister of Leonid Brezhnev (Secretary of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union from 1964 until his death in 1982) was spiritually healed, Mr.... Read more

August 2, 1997 – Dharmic people are very strong


            Speaking to some inner staff people about the positive changes in major religious and political figures who have come to him recently, Maharaj says,

            Dharma’s role is to clean our karma when hardships come. Change can come... Read more

August 3, 1997 – Dharma and policy


            Several government officials have come to take Maharaj ji’s blessings, including Captain Satish Sharma, former Union Minister of India, now serving as a Member of Parliament. Maharaj immediately begins talking to them about how dharma can and should... Read more

August 4, 1997:  Improve your thoughts for the world’s sake


            As a messenger of God, Maharaj ji is apparently given messages that are to be delivered to the people. Even when he is not giving audience to someone, sometimes there is a message that he dictates to us... Read more

August 5, 1997 – The Master Archer


                Maharaj ji has been talking to some close devotees who have their own businesses. His subject is the importance of a good reputation for a company. This includes the issue of corruption:

                Law is there to give... Read more

August 6, 1997 – Knock on Guru Gobind Singh’s door


            Several groups of Sikhs, including businessmen, have come to see Maharaj. He uses the occasion to encourage them to follow the great example of Guru Gobind Singh:

            Guru Gobind Singh was a great example of many good... Read more

August 10, 1997 – Resolving disputes


            A group of Sikh relatives come who have requested Maharaj to help settle their dispute over a large sum of money that one side owes to the other. After listening to and speaking with them, Maharaj says,

           ... Read more

August 15, 1997 – Cleaning thought

August 15, 1997 – Cleaning thought

            Maharaj is again wanting to send a message to the world. This time he is ostensibly speaking to Major Sahib, our venerable head granthi and historical researcher, but Maharaj  means for his words... Read more

August 17, 1997 – Ganga’s power


            Some time back, Mata Ganga had invited Maharaj ji to have tea on her banks. When he did so, She told him that she was going to change her course, giving him a lot more land on his... Read more

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