Stories from Gobind Sadan

25 April, 1994 – Sanju is saved


                When we returned from Sarawan on April 22 at 4:30 a.m., Gurcharan told Maharaj Ji that Sanju, loving and innocent son of Gita Singh, was very, very seriously ill in the hospital. He had contracted malaria, and then the... Read more

4 May, 1994 – The womb of Buddha


Elinore Detiger has come. She is a force majeure behind the scenes, internationally organizing and supporting good causes, especially empowerment of women. Maharaj has a long conversation with her, encouraging her to grow even bigger in love.  In... Read more

10 May, 1994 – Sethi saved by faith


Sethi, a long-time sevadar of Maharaj, was given up for dead when he had a terrible motorscooter accident in nearby Andheria Morh. When police came, they threw his seemingly lifeless, crushed, blood-covered body into the back of a van... Read more

May 12, 1994 – Maharaj teaches us love and tolerance in Sonepat


                Today there is a wedding in Sonepat, Haryana—that of the son of Mr. Dabas, a seed specialist testing varieties of vegetables and fruits in Shiv Sadan. Maharaj has been invited. From our worldly point of view, everything seems to... Read more

16 May, 1994 – We are so thankless


                Once Maharaj visited a colonel in Firozepur. He saw a man with a heavy pack strapped to his back running round and round the parade ground. “What is that?” he asked. “The officer replied, “Three times he has encountered... Read more

May 21, 1994 – Happiness does not lie in money


Many people crowd into the sitting room of the small “Dubai kothi” where Maharaj lives, as he speaks to Michael Weinberg and his daughter Tisha from the United States. Looking very relaxed, happy, beautiful, and often humorous, Maharaj says,... Read more

May 26, 1994 – Special Guests from Dewa Sharif


                Dr. Rai Singh has brought two special guests to meet Maharaj in the Dubai kothi: Syed Rais Shah Warsi, head priest of Dewa Sharif, and his son, Mohammed Shariq Rafiq Warsi, an engineer working in Medina, Saudi Arabia. Dewa... Read more

27 May 1994 – Purifying the whole bus


            Dr. Surjit Kaur Jolly has a very busy life as professor and mother. But she rides two hours daily on buses and takes that time to be alone with God, doing Nam and reading Jaap Sahib. She asked Maharaj... Read more

8 June 11 p.m 1994 – “Rain” on our tractors


                I was trying to sleep, unsuccessfully, because the heat had turned even my bed into an oven with no cool spots. Cooling monsoon rains are weeks away. The phone came from Balwant Singh to come take photographs of something.... Read more

July 29, 1994 – Blessings of following Islam


Members of the Warsi  family (see story May 26, 1994) have come again to see Maharaj Ji. This time it is young Hamza, son of Rafiq Shariq, and Rafiq’s brother, Wasiq Rafiq Warsi. They present a photo of Prophet... Read more

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