Stories from Gobind Sadan

November 16, 1993 – Questions from the inner circle


On rare occasions, a few people who are very close to Maharaj have the chance to ask him their inner spiritual questions. Today is such an opportunity: Kissi Atwal, Swaranjit Singh, and a few others are sitting with Maharaj,... Read more

November 16, 1993 II –  Child development

In a long conversation with a few close devotees, Maharaj Ji turned to the issue of child development. He said,

When does a person feel encouraged? When you praise him, keep supporting him, even the weakest person will become brave,... Read more

November 23, 1993 – Can you control your anger?


Maharaj stands for a long time at Pir Sahib’s place, on a breezy, clear winter morning, dictating to Major Sahib a statement to be given to a conference sponsored by an international federation of women for world peace. At... Read more

November 23, 1993, part II – Jesus never held any meetings

                After dealing with some farm matters, Maharaj returns to his advice to women organizing an international conference to promote world peace. He starts dictating again:

How can we become spiritual? By loving God and taking His blessings. We cannot become... Read more

January 3, 1994 – Development by spirituality           

As we ride around Shiv Sadan in Maharaj’s Bronco, he sees a vision of one old variety of wheat which has been sown in a field between the dera and Pir Sahib’s dargah. He sees it as an old woman... Read more

January 11, 1994 – The Zero-Wala

At Shiv Sadan there are no canned entertainments, such as television. Most of the time we are too busy to seek entertainment, but sometimes Maharaj creates a special drama to test and entertain us. The latest such case is that... Read more

January 14, 1994  – Hervinder Singh’s passing

Hervinder Singh died of cancer on January 11 in Delhi. He was very close to Maharaj and was the one person who could always make Maharaj laugh. His droll humor and his way of talking reminded me of Peter Sellers... Read more

January 17, 1994 – The Commissioner melts


The brilliant Sikh Commissioner in Meerut, the administrative center for this area about an hour’s drive from Shiv Sadan, has been to Maharaj six or seven times, but he says, “The meetings have thus far been fairly perfunctory.” He... Read more

February 11, 1994 – Africa is waiting


            Several men from the Sserulanda Spiritual Foundation in Rakai District of Uganda have come to take Maharaj’s blessings for Guru Granth Sahib that they are carrying to their center, and to tell him about their development projects. They... Read more

February 14, 1994: Meditate to change the world


                Maharaj is speaking with a visiting scholar who is often involved in organizing large conferences for the sake of world peace. Maharaj gives him this very practical advice:

Your mind is cut into many parts. When it sees what... Read more

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