Stories from Gobind Sadan

September 29, 1993: “Only a farmer”

Maharaj is out in Pir Sahib’s area again today, supervising the ongoing rice harvest. We are sitting with him in the dirt road from the dera to Pir Sahib’s dargah, in what little shade the new poplar trees provide. The... Read more

October 2, 1993 – Spiritual agricultural success

Through hard work and God’s blessings, Shiv Sadan’s harvests are spectacular. The rice paddies are giving 35 quintals per acre this year, compared to a previous record for this area of 22 quintals. Mark Tully, the famous BBC television commentator,... Read more

October 20, 1993: A combine magically arrives


The combine has arrived! Maharaj has hundreds of acres of rice, many of them quite ripe by now. About 150 people have been working since September 28th to harvest the rice by hand, but the crop was getting ahead... Read more

 October 21, 1993 – Ever-helpful Hanuman


                Two days ago, there was some difficult matter—I don’t know what. Hanuman ji came to Maharaj ji in a vision and said, “Don’t worry. You relax. I will do this work.”  Putting his hands together and resting his head... Read more

October 25, 1993: The Power of God at work

                Every night it is the same mad scene: About 25 men—some paid, some sevadars—spend two or three hours working in the dark to winnow, bag, and then carry up into one of our big transport trucks the huge pile of... Read more

November 4, 1993: Encouraging the workers


The paid labourers who have come to help harvest the sugarcane are rather reluctant to work. Maharaj says to them, “You are very brave men! You have no idea how much energy is lying within you.” When he tells... Read more

November 5, 1993: Lucky to have paper


Maharaj says to me, “You worry too much. The programme being planned for late December will be successful.” He always knows my inner condition better than I do. Coming from American culture, I think far ahead and needlessly worry... Read more

November 7, 1993 – How to journey through Life


Nikke, the young sevadar who drives Maharaj’s car, tells me  that in speaking of our journey through life, Maharaj said, “Suppose you have to travel from here to the guesthouse. If you are sad and worrying the whole way,... Read more

November 10, 1993 – Hakeem becomes a believer


Nofil Roomani, the Muslim poet from Kithore near Shiv Sadan, tells me, “When I started coming to Maharaj, the hakeem [scholar and practitioner of traditional herbal medicine], who is very orthodox, said, ‘Why are you going to him? You... Read more

November 12, 1993 –The Nature of the Guru


Major Sahib, our venerable head granthi and research scholar, is often called by Maharaj to discuss esoteric topics or matters of spiritual history. Today Major Sahib is reading to Maharaj a paper about Baba Siri Chand, elder son of... Read more

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