Stories from Gobind Sadan

February 16, 1994 I: Healing by God’s grace


A spiritual healer from Scandinavia has come for Maharaj’s guidance and blessings. He says that he heals with energy, awaking the person’s energy. Maharaj agrees, saying,

This is the idea: to feel that you are the vessel. Not every... Read more

February 16, 1994 II: Recite Nam and remain happy


In the afternoon, Maharaj made some very important points as he talked with people while sitting outside in his simple courtyard. Among other things, he said,

We must recite Nam to charge our karma and become a good person.... Read more

February 21, 1994 – With his mother during her last days

Maharaj’s mother, Mata Iqbal Kaur, is slowly dying. At the great age of 96, she has been sick for 12 days and has refused to eat for the past 3 days. She lives in a special room which Maharaj ji... Read more

March 11, 1994 – Return to Punjab


                After 12 years, Maharaj has returned to his native Punjab. His mother’s final rites will be held on March 13, and as her Akhand Path begins today, Maharaj himself prays before Guru Granth Sahib, flanked by two beautiful photos... Read more

March 12, 1994: Blessings beneath Ber Sahib


The homestead in Sarawan Bodla where Maharaj lived until his youth and established a dera is full of sacred places with their special blessed histories. The central figure is Ber Sahib, a great ber (jujube) tree. Long ago, a saint... Read more

March 14, 1994 – Major Sahib’s blessed mind


                 Major Sahib has a phenomenal memory. Whatever he reads is retained, even now in his eighties. He can speak for hours on any religious topic, with endless stories. He says, “It is Maharaj’s blessing. Twenty years ago I requested... Read more

March 17, 1994 – Maharaj sits as a judge


One of the great roles Maharaj Ji is playing on his return to Punjab is sitting as a wise and impartial judge to settle great disputes that have viciously divided villages, sometimes for decades. One of these conflicts has... Read more

2 April 1994 – The microphone mystery


Three times during his Punjab tour, Maharaj became unable to speak publicly. With a microphone in front of him, something seemed to block his throat and he could hardly make a sound. Each time, he asked for water and... Read more

April 10, 1994 – Blessings for UP officials


Maharaj Ji has been invited to stay at the home of Dr. Rai Singh, Secretary of the Uttar Pradesh government, for several days, during which many government officials have come to meet him and take his blessings, including the... Read more

April 23, 1994 – No rain on Maharaj’s wheat


On April 21st night as we were driving back from Punjab, a great storm came up, with wild wind and rain. “It’s not good for these wheat harvests,” we thought. Then yesterday, as Prem Pal and I were driving... Read more

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