Stories from Gobind Sadan

May 26, 1996 – Enlightenment in the midst of Maya

A profound discussion of how to live in society and still find God there: A private audience with Baba Virsa Singh of Gobind Sadan, May 27, 1996.... Read more

June 1, 1996 –Miracles increase people’s faith


The Russian artists are having another long audience with Maharaj ji. He is telling them some of the miracles that occurred during his youth. 

Why does God work like this? To increase people’s faith.



There was a... Read more

June 6, 1996 – What to do when karma attacks?


Maharaj has explained to us a new hukam that has come to do Arta (worship by waving trays of small oil lamps) every night at the main havan in Gobind Sadan, Baba Siri Chand’s havan, Darbar Sahib, and Jesus’... Read more

June 9, 1996 – To Dr. Partap Singh


            Dr. Partap Singh, the 96-year-old grandfather of Gurnail Singh, a noted Urdu translator, has come to see Maharaj ji. He reads a letter inviting Maharaj to visit Patiala to give a lecture at Patiala Public School in September.... Read more

June 13, 1996 –Russian Mary with Three Hands


            A wonderful gift has come to Maharaj ji from Russia: an antique wooden icon of Mother Mary holding Jesus with three hands. It is carved in such a way that the third hand seems quite natural. Swaranjit Singh... Read more

June 13, 1996 – Share all that you have

How has religious management distributed the prophets’ message? Who is rich? Who is poor? It is necessary to live, sit, and eat with the... Read more

June 14, 1996 – You have forgotten your base

Prime Minister Rao kissed Jaap Sahib and took Guru Granth Sahib to his home. He says that Guru Granth Sahib ends all castes, all ideas of high and... Read more

June 17, 1996 : Worship God in whatever form appeals to you


            Maharaj is sitting with his very close devotees, Swaranjit and Prem, speaking privately about various things that he does not normally talk about in public.  Prem tells him of her vision of him as a lovely woman in... Read more

June 25, 1996 – Empowering guidance for All-India Sikh Students Federation


            Maharaj is always ready to give guidance and support to groups who are trying to help people and bring forth dharma in society. Today a large group of young Sikh men have come to take Maharaj ji’s blessings... Read more

28 June, 1996 – “Why is my life so difficult?”

28 June, 1996 – “Why is my life so difficult?”

            A woman with many complaints has come to Maharaj asking why her life is so difficult. He explains to her:

            Your bad luck is that you see only... Read more

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