Stories from Gobind Sadan

June 30, 1996 – Why are we always worried?


            A wealthy woman from the United States comes to Maharaj, anxious about her health and other problems in her life. He gives her wonderful advice:

            Being rich or poor is not a matter of material wealth. If... Read more

30 June 1996 – Climate change again


            Maharaj often talks about climate change. Tonight while speaking to Nazar Singh’s daughter, he says,

            For some years we will see climate change in this country, because of a slight change in the earth’s orbit. People used... Read more

July 1, 1996 – Communism is a good word

Maharaj, such a great world teacher, sometimes also tries to train me personally. Today He asks me what I will say if asked to speak about these topics: “What is Dharma?” “Communal disharmony.” “Relations between God and humans.” “Casteism.” I... Read more

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