Stories from Gobind Sadan

June 30, 1996 – Why are we always worried?


            A wealthy woman from the United States comes to Maharaj, anxious about her health and other problems in her life. He gives her wonderful advice:

            Being rich or poor is not a matter of material wealth. If... Read more

30 June 1996 – Climate change again


            Maharaj often talks about climate change. Tonight while speaking to Nazar Singh’s daughter, he says,

            For some years we will see climate change in this country, because of a slight change in the earth’s orbit. People used... Read more

July 1, 1996 – Communism is a good word

Maharaj, such a great world teacher, sometimes also tries to train me personally. Today He asks me what I will say if asked to speak about these topics: “What is Dharma?” “Communal disharmony.” “Relations between God and humans.” “Casteism.” I... Read more

July 2, 1996 – Prophet Muhammad was born today!

            Whenever qawwals come to sing for Maharaj Ji, great joyous energy spreads all around. Qawwalis are Sufi devotional songs that help to bring a feeling of closeness to God, with lots of rhythmic hand-clapping and audience involvement. But today... Read more

July 3, 1996 – People are empty-minded


            Jasmine is in full bloom in Gobind Sadan’s gardens, and many people have lovingly made bracelets of the fragrant flowers to give to Maharaj ji. He now has three of them resting on the arm of his sofa... Read more

July 4, 1996 – Now there is no ibadat, only hatred


            Religious leader Mr. Bashin Ahmad Baba and his son from Kashmir have come to see Maharaj ji. The father tells Maharaj ji that they are from a lineage of pirs, and that his son reads the entire Qur’an.... Read more

July 9, 1996: Talk to Him


            James Baldev from Colorado, USA comes to see Maharaj. James says he has read two of our newsletters, and they have touched his heart. Maharaj then proceeds to speak directly to his heart:

            If you love God,... Read more

16 July 1996 – Miracles keep happening here


The large sugar mill in Simbaoli near Shiv Sadan, to which we had been sending our sugarcane, had been closed until the owner came and took Maharaj’s blessings. Maharaj had told him to read Jaap Sahib... Read more

July 24, 1996 – Dharma in the Police force


            A senior police official from Punjab has come for blessings. Maharaj gives him a long talk to inspire his public service with dharmic principles. In part, he says,

            Who is great? One in whom is Dharma, loyalty... Read more

August 3, 1996 – Never despair of His Rehmat

Bashir Ahmad Baba, the lineage holder of the shrine of an Islamic pir in Kashmir, has come for Maharaj’s blessings and guidance. He tells us that he has been doing seva of the pir for 20 years and never got... Read more

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