Stories from Gobind Sadan

April 8, 1993 – Women’s strength

Maharaj is in the grass-roofed pavilion in Tejpuri, overlooking fields of ripening wheat. A fresh wind is blowing. Nandi from Sweden, who has been doing seva, has her golden opportunity for an audience with Maharaj, and she uses it mostly... Read more

April 11, 1993: God’s organization

This is true leadership. Maharaj has gone in for lunch; even when he comes out again, we will never see him rushing frantically around. Instead, perhaps a thousand sevadars have gathered here at his call to prepare for a crowd... Read more

April 14, 1993 – Last morning of the big havan

                6 a.m. – I have been here since 3 a.m. It is now cloudy-light, the rain has passed, the cows and buffalos are beginning to stand up, and we have almost reached the end of the samagri at this havan... Read more

April 24, 1993 – Serving the People


                Tomasz Gerlach, the Polish Consular to India, and his wife have come to Shiv Sadan to see the practical work that Maharaj Ji is doing. After touring the farm, they find Maharaj and are fortunate to have a long... Read more

May 13, 1993: Maharaj saves us in the Jeep

We have use of a Gypsy car—a partially open jeep with canvas roof—given to Gobind Sadan by a sevadar. Shami is its very capable driver. He tends to have visionary dreams that come true. When he dreams of a marriage,... Read more

March 16, 1993: What will happen if we meditate?

Two great Christian theologians, Father John Vallamattam and George Vallatt, have come to meet Maharaj. Maharaj spends a long time with them, speaking to them about healing, having a goal,   the sacrifices of the prophets, selfless service, the politics of... Read more

September 20, 1993: Euphoric Seva

Euphoria has struck again. A new havan is being built in Tejpuri under Maharaj’s blessings and supervision. As afternoon turned into evening, those of us carrying brick dust on our heads in taslas (steel pans) began walking faster and faster.... Read more

September 21, 1993: Pir Sahib’s muscular crop


This evening when Maharaj was returning from Tejpuri he stopped near Pir Sahib’s dargah. Faithful Mama Bagicha Singh lived alone in a hut on the corner there, as that 55-acre field was his special responsibility. The paddy of ripening... Read more

September 22, 1993 – A Day on the Farm with Maharaj Ji


Sevadars have presented us with a large videocamera, and I am carrying it around to record many everyday farm scenes, as well as Maharaj Ji’s talks. Today’s video record starts in the semi-open grass hut in which live Maharaj’s... Read more

September 28 1993 – Rice harvest and bananas


Rice harvest joy As he is overseeing the start of the rice harvest from Pir Sahib’s place and giving practical and spiritual audiences, Maharaj ji looks at the rather sickly field of banana plants across the road to his... Read more

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