Stories from Gobind Sadan

January 15, 1993: Women’s spiritual work and standards of disciples

One of Maharaj’s staff members was apparently speaking against me, so Maharaj immediately called all his management people: Major Sahib, Dr. Anand, Balwant Singh, Gurdev Singh, Bakshish Singh, Gurcharan Kaur, Harvinder Singh (LL) and me. The staffperson who had apparently... Read more

January 29, 1993 – “God is always with me”

Maharaj returned to Gobind Sadan from his big farm in Garhmukhteshwar, UP on this night, but his presence in Gobind Sadan was exceptionally strong all day. When he called me into Gurcharan’s phone room, I could not take my eyes... Read more

January 20, 1993 – Meeting the sangat in Tejpuri

Roughly 125 people—and rough we are—have gathered in the Tejpuri courtyard at Shiv Sadan to greet Maharaj after his 6-7 months’ absence. Wrinkled grandmothers with bright sun-darkened faces and work-hardened hands, children holding shawls around themselves for warmth, tractor drivers,... Read more

January 30, 1993 – Dialogue with Daniel Gomez-Ibanez: “Religion is inside us”

As I recall, I had met Daniel Gomez-Ibanez in the 1980s at a very interesting international peace and spirituality conference in Costa Rica. He had emerged as the Executive Director of the Council for a Parliament of the World’s Religions,... Read more

February 1, 1993 – To Daniel again: Everyone wants to be a teacher

The next day, Maharaj blessed Daniel by giving him Nam. Daniel asked for his blessings for being able to see clearly and to understand, in order to manage the responsibility of organizing the huge Chicago interfaith conference, for which he... Read more

February 3, 1993 – Afghanistani VIPs touched

The Deputy Prime Minister of Afghanistan and his son, both Muslims, came to Maharaj today. Several days ago, the Deputy Prime Minister had a vision in which an angel told him he must leave the country, and go to India... Read more

February 7, 1993 – Free to do God’s work

Robert Traer, Director of the International Association for Religious Freedom, and Celia Storey, a major supporter of the International Interfaith Centre, both sharing offices in Oxford, UK, came to Maharaj to tell him about their efforts to organize an interfaith... Read more

February 8, 1993 – A reporter is blessed


On February 6th Maharaj had hosted a large interfaith gathering in his garden in conjunction with the International Religious Federation for World Peace (IRFWP). One of the reporters who covered the event was K. Kannan, from The Hindu, a... Read more

February 9, 1993 – First feed the people

Many people active in international interfaith work have been visiting Maharaj lately, and today it was Taj Hammad, director of one of Rev. Moon’s interfaith organizations. Tall and distinguished-looking, with a powerful presence, he was born a Muslim. He told... Read more

February 11, 1993: The Power of Havan

Maharaj has begun to speak about holding a huge havan at Shiv Sadan for the sake of world peace and harmony. For this purpose, he has called an eminent Hindu pandit from the Himalayas who is now associated with the... Read more

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