Stories from Gobind Sadan

December 6, 1992: Ayodhya

Before Maharaj left the United States, I went back to Delhi to help arrange interviews with devotees there for the BBC programme on Gobind Sadan. On this fateful day, a mob of 100,000 or more Kar Sevaks pushed their way... Read more

December 1992: The BBC Interviews

In those days, BBC World Service radio had regular features on religions. A number of times they had asked me to tape “Words of Faith,” with my personal comments on passages from Guru Granth Sahib. They were also preparing a... Read more

December 15, 1992: An Old Devotee Passes On

On December 14, Baba Gurbaksh Singh, who had so silently and faithfully served as Maharaj’s personal assistant, died from failure of the pancreas or spleen. His sickness was so severe that several weeks ago the doctors didn’t give him one... Read more

December 20, 1992: On Preaching

As I had gone back temporarily to India to arrange interviews about Gobind Sadan for the BBC, I missed Maharaj’s speaking tour in the Northeast USA. Staff members told me it was overwhelmingly successful, and many people were deeply... Read more

December 21, 1992: A Great Person

These are notes in my diary from an important but informal talk Maharaj gave to us today:

A person who wants to do great work needs a peaceful home. There should be no worry at all near his mind. His... Read more

December 22, 1992: God’s Program is so powerful

Petite Katharine Chaffee of Cape Cod had interviewed me about Gobind Sadan on her television program about spirituality some time ago. As the interview began, we both disappeared and Maharaj took both roles—interviewer and interviewee. She has been at his... Read more

December 24, 1992: Christmas Faith

Westbury, Long Island: Cold wind from the open windows—for Maharaj loves fresh air—blew through the room as Harjit Singh and I sat next to Maharaj’s chair. He was watching a split-screen television portrayal of Christmas. On one side of the... Read more

December 25, 1992: Connection with God

I told Maharaj that my brother-in-law’s health was poor because he couldn’t stop smoking. Maharaj told me to pray for him very strongly and to send him bibhuti (ash from the havan). He should place a bit of it on... Read more

December 25, 1992, Christmas: Sacred Time and Space

On Christmas day, Maharaj spoke about the spiritual geography of his communities:

The places where we have communities in India are very ancient places of spiritual beings. They are not new. In America, there are many of these places of... Read more

December 26, 1992: Giving Nam

“Editor Sahib,” Gurbachan Singh, head granthi (priest) of Gobind Sadan, USA, had come. Maharaj first spoke to him about Christianity:

Christianity is working so well because of its good organization. An organization is a body in which all the parts... Read more

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