Stories from Gobind Sadan

December 26, 1992: On Science and Religion

As Maharaj was speaking in the Chadhas’ house on Long Island, Harjeet Singh, husband of Popat (one of the Chadha sisters) was translating for me. Maharaj said,

For electricity, you press a switch and the light goes on. The inventor... Read more

December 28, 1992: The love of God in Washington

Maharaj was eager to speak with groups in America before returning to India. We arranged several meetings for him in the Washington, D.C. area. One was a private meeting with the chief arms negotiator for the U.S. government, with Ralph... Read more

December 30, 1992: A Speaker through which God Speaks

They say it is a great honour when a Muslim invites you to eat in his home. Businessman Hassan Saab, who had met Maharaj at the Chadhas’ home, invited him and his entourage to his home in Manhattan for dinner.... Read more

January 4, 1993: At NYU on Work and Faith

Maharaj met with various groups in New York City. One day he addressed a group at the famous Cathedral of St. John the Divine in New York. Another day Janice Perlman helped to gather interested people in a seminar room... Read more

January 4, 1993: Vision vs. Management

After his meeting at NYU, Maharaj was invited to visit the office of the Inter-religious Federation for World Peace. This is a branch of the Unification Movement founded by Rev. Sun Myung Moon. Sometimes controversial, sometimes receiving acclaim in halls... Read more

January 6, 1993: Dialogue with a scientist – Development and spirituality

While we were in the United States, Maharaj told me he wanted me to arrange his meetings with scientists for the sake of dialogue. I hadn’t been able to arrange anything of this sort for him, and was feeling very... Read more

January 8, 1993 – They Return

After our long journey back from the United States to India, Maharaj began giving audiences all day to his followers, who flocked to see him. On this morning he appeared early in the “Green Room”—the simple veranda near the langar—and... Read more

January 8, 1993: More Questions and Miracles

Rather than resting like a normal person would after travelling halfway around the world, Maharaj met people from morning to night after his return to India. To those who came to see him in the “Green Room” later in the... Read more

January 9, 1993: All Passengers Saved

Maharaj apparently saved an entire planefull of people, on the request of his disciple Preetam Singh, manager of a stud farm. Indian Airlines Flight IC 840 was to take off for Hyderabad from Delhi. A dense winter fog shrouded the... Read more

January 13, 1993: The True Guards

Maharaj was giving private audience to his sevadar Surendra Nath, whom he had blessed to be Governor of Punjab during very difficult times there, plus another government official who came with him. He met them in the morning sunshine in... Read more

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